Bet on World Cup Qualifiers This Week: Which Teams Will Miss World Cup 2018?

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Placing a bet on international football matches is always fun, but it becomes even more interesting when it’s not about simple friendly matches, but about World Cup Qualifiers that actually decide on who will qualify for the most prestigious football competition and who will be left out… Join us and bet on World Cup Qualifiers this week!

Now is about your last chance to bet on World Cup Qualifiers as this stage of the tournament will finish soon. Only two more matches are to be played and everything will be decided. Some groups left us no excitement, but others are still open – those are the ones that are worth placing a bet on! Let’s check out he best World Cup Qualifiers to bet this week!

Last chance for the Netherlands – can they still qualify?

Netherlands are participating in Group A together with France and Sweden, among others. They have 101.00 odds to win the group at Bet365 Sportsbook, so it is obvious that they are not the favourites according to the online sportsbook directory. Not without a reason: 2 games before the end, and they are 4 points away from group leader France, who have two easy games left.

France are pretty much group winners. Their odds are only 1.14 at Bet365 Sportsbook, while the odds for Sweden to win the group are 5.00. Sweden is 3 points ahead of the Netherlands and they are yet to play against Luxembourg, a game which they are sure to win. The Netherlands need to beat Belarus if they want the Sweden v Netherlands game to be actually interesting. Who do you think will win? Make your predictions by placing a bet on World Cup Qualifiers this week!

Bet on Switzerland v Hungary and Andorra v Portugal!

Group B is pretty much decided already. Online sportsbook news sites in the UK cannot give any chances for Hungary to qualify for World Cup 2018. While they are standing in the 3rd position, they lost all mathematical chances to gain participation for the tournament. However, Hungary can still be a decisive factor in the World Cup Qualification, even though it’s not how they imagined…

Hungary will be hosted by Switzerland on Saturday and if they are going to be able to avoid defeat, they would do a huge favour for Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo is to beat Andorra which will give Portugal 3 easy points ahead of the last game. Portugal have 21 points and Switzerland are standing with 24, so the Portuguese teams need all the help they can get…

However, the last game is to be played between Portugal and Switzerland. That’s gonna be the most important match in this group as it will decide on the group winner. The odds for Portugal to win the group are 1.85 at Marathonbet Sportsbook. Those for the Swiss team are 1.83. Will you bet on World Cup qualifiers this week? Maybe predicting the group winner between Portugal and Switzerland is a good bet…

Croatia, Iceland, Turkey, Ukraine… Which of these can qualify?

Probably Group I is the most interesting one to bet on World Cup Qualifiers this week as online sportsbook sites in the UK show very similar qualifying odds for 4 teams. That is because they have been doing rather similarly in the past 8 matches: Croatia and Iceland have collected 16 points, and they are followed by Turkey and Ukraine, who both have 14 so far.

Croatia will host Finland and will make a trip to Ukraine. Modric and his mates will be favourites for both matches, but none of them will be an easy game. But hey will need the 6 points if they are to clearly and quickly qualify for World Cup 2018 because Iceland will visit Turkey, and upon a victory they would sure to collect the remaining 3 points against Kosovo as well.

Turkey and Ukraine could still also cause some surprises. Turkey will play against Iceland and Finland, while Ukraine’s opponents are Kosovo and Croatia. The odds for Iceland to win the Group are 5.50 at Unibet Sportsbook, it might be worth it betting on them, while Croatia are the favourites with their 1.75 odds at 188BET Sportsbook.

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