Bet on World Urban Car of 2021 to Be Toyota Yaris

  • Toyota Yaris is hybrid, comfortable, and good-looking
  • Honda e is the first mass-market electric car produced by Honda
  • Honda Jazz did not receive a lot of recognition yet
Bet on World Urban Car

Very recently the three finalists for the 2021 World Urban Car of the Year have been selected. They are Toyota Yaris, Honda e, and Honda Jazz. We give our thoughts on all three cars in an attempt to help you make a smart bet on the World Urban Car of 2021.

As online sportsbook news in China confirmed the winner of the World Urban Car award will come out on 20 April. To choose the finalists for this tough competition in the global automotive industry a number of criteria were applied. First and foremost the car should be easy to maneuver in large towns and cities with limited road/parking space. It also should have a strong market being on sale at least in two continents. What is more, the car should be small with a maximum of 4.20 meters in overall length.

The jury that will decide on the winner among the three finalists includes prominent automotive journalists and experts. Frankly, all three finalists have a strong chance to win. However, since only one will win, maybe you should consider Toyota Yaris when betting on the World Urban Car of 2021. Here is why Yaris is the favorite.

Toyota Yaris is hybrid, comfortable, and good-looking

The fourth generation of Toyota Yaris is in the competition. It has so many good aspects to win the 2021 World Urban Car award. First, it has a hybrid system. Thus, it is well known for its field consumption and emissions cleanness, which is highly important for driving in urban areas. What is more, Yaris combines practicality with comfort, safety, and fun to drive.

Many automotive analysts at online sportsbooks in China argue that Yaris is one of the world’s safest compact cars. Guess also what? It is a really good-looking car from the outside. So, for all of these aspects Yaris values 2 at 22BET Sportsbook to win the award in 2021. If you are also thinking of placing a bet on World Car of the Year 2021, Yaris is among the three finalists.

Honda e is a cute car and crammed with tech

Honda’s first mass-market, pure-electric car is out and about. Honda e is seriously a cute car, beautifully engineered and crammed with tech. But what about driving? Well, despite that Honda e is a bit heavy for such a compact design, over 1,5 ton, it is very smooth. However, the main advantage that Honda e has over Toyota Yaris is that from the inside it has a lounge-style interior.

Honda e is very modern with screens, wireless CarPlay, and there are USB sockets everywhere. With all these great features, Honda e might take over Yaris and win the award with 2.25 odds. If you are thinking of placing a bet on other odds such as the World Car Design of the Year, Honda e is a massive favorite. You may check out our review about 22BET Sportsbook, to explore all the best odds.

Bet on World Urban Car
Bet on Honda!

Honda Jazz may finally be recognized by winning the award

Many perceive that Honda Jazz is gifted in various ways but it did not receive universal adoration yet. So, maybe it will be recognized finally with the World Urban Car award of 2021. If you think so, you may place a bet on World Urban Car with 5 odds for Honda Jazz. It has many features that can help the car to win the award. It is outstanding for its practical interior. Besides, It juggles between petrol and electric power similarly as the Toyota Yaris does.

Moreover, Honda Jazz is unbelievably roomy for a small car but does not look loungy as Honda e. So, yes it has a chance to win the award, but frankly less than the other two contenders.

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