Bet on Petanque: Here Are the Best Trophee Des Villes Betting Odds

The game origins from the beginning of the 20th century. It would be ignorant to call it a new game, although it’s still not an Olympic game. But luckily that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on petanque!

Bet on Petanque
Bet on Petanque! Will Draguignan prove the odds right?

PSG won Trophee Des Velles 2018!

Despite all petanque betting predictions, nor Lyon nor Draguignan made it to the final of Trophee Des Velles 2018. The final was played by Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain, so it was kind of like football Ligue 1 a few years ago when Monaco didn’t sell all their talent. However, the game resulted in a humiliating 4-0, so it was not the most exciting petanque cup final ever. PSG easily beat Monaco. Will the Qatari super-rich club win Trophee Des Velles 2019 as well? Bet on PSG to go on conquering the world!

(updated: 27/12/2018)

1. Learn how to play petanque
2. Watch petanque teams playing
3. Bet on petanque!
4. Win money thanks to petanque!

It would be a lie to say that online sports betting in France regarded petanque among the most important sports of all. However, the game is gaining popularity nowadays, especially in the UK and France. That’s why we thought it was important to let our readers know how to play petanque in the first place…

1. A quick guide on how to play petanque

To play petanque, you need three metal balls per player, a field professionally called terrain, a prefabricated circle and two teams. You will also need a tiny wooden ball, The Jack. The point is to stand in your prefabricated circle and throw your boulé (the metal ball) as close to The Jack as possible. For further explanation, please watch the video below:

Bet on Trophee Des Villes outright winner

Now that you know how to play petanque, only one task is left: bet on petanque! Luckily for you, an important petanque tournament is coming up. Trophee Des Villes, the Trophy of Cities kicks off on 22 November. The best 32 petanque teams will participate in hopes of winning the trophy and the glory that comes with it. Check out the petanque betting odds at Vbet Sportsbook!

Bet on Draguignan to win!

Based on petanque betting odds, Draguignan is the strongest team. Their winning odds are 2.30. Not without a reason: ABC Draguignan is one of the most successful petanque teams. They’ve won the Coupe de France AND the European Cup last year. They have all the chances in the world to win Trophee Des Villes as well.

Bet Petanque Draguignan
Draguignan player throwing the winning ball!

Lyon hope to beat the odds and win the Trophy!

If you don’t want to bet on the obvious favourite, you might want to pick Lyon Petanque. Successful petanque manager David Pasquelin created an impressive team. Christophe Sarrio, Joseph “Tyson” Molinas, Jérémy Hubert and Clément Bousquet form part of the squad. They are all among the best petanque players in the world. The 6.00 odds for Lyon to win Trophee Des Villes seem pretty exciting now, don’t they?

Bet on petanque underdogs!

Of course, Lyon and Draguignan are among the strongest of petanque teams. You might want to consider placing a bet on a surprise winner. For that, we recommend you to check out the odds of all teams at Vbet Sportsbook and place a bet on petanque!

Trophee Des Villes betting odds
Annency 9.00
Foix 13.00
Le Mans 20.00
Perigueux 35.00
Privas 40.00
Bet on petanque at Vbet Sportsbook!


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