Bet on a Possible C. Ronaldo v Messi World Cup Clash!

It seemed kind of impossible on several occasions, but eventually both Argentina and Portugal managed to qualify for the World Cup Round of 16

Messi Argentina Ronaldo Portugal World Cup
Will the two GOATs face each other in Russia?

In fact, not only they qualified but they might as well meet each other in the Quarter Finals, if all goes well for them.
Which foresees a possible Ronaldo v Messi World Cup clash, which would probably be one of the most epic World Cup clashes of all time. You can be sure as hell that online sportsbook news sites in Russia would go crazy if the Cristiano Ronaldo v Messi World Cup clash was to happen in the Quarter Finals.

And it’s not impossible, in fact it is very much possible. Only two thing must happen beforehand: Euro 2016 winner Portugal will have to eliminate Uruguay and Argentina will have to beat Euro 2016 runner-up France in the Round of 16. If both teams qualify, they will face each other in and we will get to see the two best players of our time matching their own playoff for the “best of the world” title.

Will Argentina beat France?

Online sportsbook sites in Russia believe that France are favourites for the upcoming World Cup Round of 16 encounter. The odds for France to win are 2.30, while the odds for Argentina to win against France are 3.70 – all odds to be found at Bet365 Sportsbook. If we look at the odds for qualification, they are even more obvious: 1.62 for France and 2.20 for Argentina.

However, you might want to bet on Messi to put Argentina in the next round. The wannabe GOAT still owes the football world a top quality performance in this tournament, although his goal against Nigeria was a flash of a genius, that’s for sure. The Argentines can only be better than they have been so far, and France haven’t been too convincing either. Placing a bet on Argentina to qualify is not a bad idea.

Should you bet on Portugal to qualify for the next round?

On the other hand, Portugal has an ‘easier’ task according to sites in the online sportsbook directory. However, that doesn’t seem fair because Uruguay are one of the best defensive teams. No team would have an easy job trying to score against them. It’s not an accident that they haven’t conceded a single goal so far in the tournament.

And they played against Russia, who counted 8 goals in only 2 games,so their defenders were tested. They will be tested again as soon as they face the best striker in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. Will they be able to keep him and his mates from scoring, or will Uruguay finally concede a goal in this tournament?

Bet365 Sportsbook believes that Uruguay are slightly stronger than Portugal, based on the performances in the group stages. The odds for Uruguay to win are 2.80, while the odds for Portugal to win are 3.00. For Portugal to qualify, the odds are 1.95, while those for Uruguay are 1.80. The odds for Ronaldo to score first are 4.00, but should that happen, Portugal’s chances increased exponentially…

Portugal v Argentina, the match of the GOATs

We can be sure as hell that FIFA will do everything in their power to put both Portugal and Argentina in the next round. There is nothing that sells better than a World Cup showdown between the two biggest football stars of this decade. The Ronaldo v Messi World Cup clash could be an epic story where one can overcome the other for good.

Do you think Argentina and Portugal will meet each other in the World Cup Quarter Finals? Or who would stop them? Could either France or Uruguay take away such an epic encounter? Whatever is to happen, we will learn everything on 30 June.

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