FIFA Interactive World Cup 2018 Odds Support an Invincible Player

More than 20 million people have been competing to become the best FIFA player in the world! At this point in the tournament, FIFA Interactive World Cup 2018 odds clearly favour the unbeatable Nicolas99FC.

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2018 Odds
The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2018 Odds have arrived!
Nicolas99FC (source: Twitter)

Guinness World Records named FIFA Interactive World Cup or FIFA eWorld Cup the largest online esports game on earth! In 2018, players from 60 different countries are involved in the competition while 30 million football fans are watching.

FIFA Chief Commercial Officer Philippe Le Floc’h said “A landmark year for global football and a landmark year for competitive gaming ends fittingly at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 in one of the most historic football cities in the world – London.

The Grand Final with 32 qualifiers will be held from the 2nd to the 4th of August 2018, according to internet sportsbook news in UK. Now, is Nicolas99FC really the best out of the 32 players? Let’s explore the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2018 odds.

Nicolas99FC and His Squad

The definition of FIFA Ultimate Team lies in Nicolas99FC’s squad. The Argentinian player has built a virtual football team that is no second to others. On average, the team does not lose more than 1.13 goals. What a strong defence indeed!

Online gambling in UK is best done with Nicolas99FC. His FIFA Interactive World Cup 2018 odds of winning are at 5.00. Apart from being the top seed, he was also the PlayStation playoff winner with 12 undefeated rounds in Amsterdam.

Nicolas99FC said “I’ve worked hard for this after the loss at the Grand Final in [the FUT Champions Cup] Barcelona and the semi-finals in [the FUT Champions Cup] Manchester. I’ve worked hard. I’m extremely happy that I’ve done it here.

Is it Worth Considering Other Players?

The short answer is yes. Take German Player MegaBit as an example. Judging from the Xbox playoff results, he is the best! The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2018 odds predict 10.00 for Megabit to win. When one quarter of the 32 qualifiers are German, this nation obviously has a better winning chance than most!

Another German player that you might be familiar with is Deto. According to online betting sites in UK, Deto’s odds of winning the 2018 FIFA Interactive World Cup are at 15.00. Last year, he played the final round against Gorilla from England. Deto ended up being the runner-up in 2017 FIFA eWorld Cup. That’s precisely why Gorilla (10.00) has better betting odds.

Bet on FIFA Interactive World Cup 2018!

The bookies’ favourite to win FIFA Interactive World Cup 2018 is definitely Nicolas99FC (5.00). However, you might also want to bet on MegaBit (10.00) and Gorilla (10.00) who both have great reputations in this year’s eWorld Cup. Without further ado, go ahead and visit Vbet Sportsbook one of the best places to bet on esports!

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