You Can Always Bet On The Singapore Grand Prix To Be Great

Bet On The Singapore Grand Prix

Following his win in Italy Lewis Hamilton is just three points ahead of his rival for the Formula One World Championship Sebastian Vettel and as the teams all head over to Singapore for one of the most dramatic circuits of the season it remains to be seen which of them will come out on top. Can Hamilton’s Mercedes keep him in the lead or will the Ferrari of Vettel be the one you should back if you’re going to bet on the Singapore Grand Prix at Bet365 this weekend?

Singapore Grand Prix

  • 17th September
  • Marina Bay, Singapore
  • Length – 5.065km
  • Laps – 61
  • Type – Street
  • Time – Night

No one would deny that this is a special race. You can always bet on the Singapore Grand Prix to be interesting for a whole host of reasons, the most dramatic of which is the night-time scheduling that puts the race after dark. This is mostly to avoid the massive day time temperatures, the hugely debilitating humidity and to ensure the race is run at a suitable time for European television audiences, and if you like to bet on sports in Singapore there’s isn’t a rival event of this size, scope or excitement.

Held on the tricky Marina Bay street circuit you can bet on the Singapore Grand Prix to be as hard on the cars as it is on the drivers, with both having to perform in 80% humidity and temperatures which even at night can reach 30 Celsius, and this makes the team’s strategic choices almost as important as the driver’s ability to battle the crushing fatigue that can set in during this sixty one lap slog under the streetlights of of this southeast Asian nation’s capital. This can lead to some interesting racing moments.

A Hot Humid F1 Race Held In The Dark? It Must Be Singapore

Just two years ago a man was seen walking down the track during the race, and last year a member of the marshaling staff had to outrun the accelerating and rather closer-than-safe leaders to clear the track in time before they mowed him down. The circuit is also interesting because whilst Mercedes won here last year with Nico Rosberg it was Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull who put in the fastest lap and beat out the other Mercedes to come in third, and Dani might be worth backing if you bet on the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend at Bet365.

Of course you might feel that such a strenuous races plays into the abilities of the younger drivers like Max Verstappen another Red Bull driver, or the fresh faced Valtteri Bottas who has yet to leave a proper mark on his Mercedes ride this year, but I tend to go with experience over constitution and feel that Kimi Raikkonen is a good wager if you’re going take advantage of Singapore gambling laws to bet on the Singapore Grand Prix at Bet365 this weekend. The track favors the Ferrari’s cornering over Mercedes flat out speed.

Bet On The Singapore Grand Prix At Bet365 This Weekend

2017 Singapore Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen – 14/1
Valtteri Bottas – 12/1
Max Verstappen – 6/1
Daniel Ricciardo – 11/2
Lewis Hamilton – 2/1
Sebastian Vettel – 11/8

Currently Bet365 gives Raikkonen a rather miserly 14/1 and if you’re going to bet on the Singapore Grand Prix they’ll give you 12/1 on Bottas with Max Verstappen on 6/1 only a little way behind, in terms of odds, his team mate Ricciardo who garners a fair 11/2, and is probably the best wager you can make this weekend at those prices. Naturally the two drivers with the best chance to win on Sunday are the two Championship leaders. Hamilton on 238 points and Vettel on 235, but their odds are very short.

You’ll only just about find 2/1 on Hamilton, and that’s a good price for a driver who wins so regularly, but it belies just how tricky this race will be for Mercedes and the 11/8 that you can get from Bet365 on Sebastian Vettel means that your choice of bet on the Singapore Grand Prix won’t be as easy as all that, and if you’re in Singapore gambling news on Monday won’t involve an interloping pedestrian on the track again you simply haven’t been paying attention to the traditions of F1’s best night race.

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