Bet on the Speedway of Nations Winner in Its First Edition

Speedway of Nations winner

Are you ready for the reboot of the pairs race? If so, take a look at our betting odds and have a guess at the first Speedway of Nations winner.

With Speedway of Nations, the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) is bringing back the first pairs race format in 20 years. According to online gambling news in Poland, 15 countries will participate in Speedway of Nations from June 2 to 9, 2018. Poland will host the final races, determining the Speedway of Nations winner, at Wroclaw’s Olympic Stadium. Of course, the winner has to fit the event’s new motto: no brakes, no gears, no fear!

Performance Based on Speedway World Cup

To predict the winner of Speedway of Nations, we need to examine each country’s previous performances. Speedway World Cup was the individual motorcycle race which Speedway of Nations replaced in 2017, so let’s start with this.

Poland was the best country in Speedway World Cup, winning 8 gold medals in total! As an added edge, Poland is also automatically qualified to Speedway of Nations’ final round since it’s the host country. Combined Poland’s superb performance with this extra advantage, online gambling sites in Poland estimate the best odds at 2.375 for Poland to win 2018 Speedway of Nations.

We also have to mention the most recent talents being Sweden (9) and Russia (3.92). After Poland, they finished second and third place in the 2017 Speedway World Cup respectively. However, the racing format has changed. So could these leading countries manage to win Speedway of Nations?

Performance Based on World Team Cup

World Team Cup has a more similar format to the new Speedway of Nations. Which country did well in the World Team Cup then? The answer is Denmark and Great Britain. If we look at their medal count, Denmark won a whopping 11 gold medals while Great Britain won 9. So, you might want to bet on them to become the 2018 Speedway of Nations winner! According to online sports betting sites in Poland, Great Britain has better odds of winning than Denmark at 7.5.

Bet on the Speedway of Nations Winner 2018!

The bookies’ favorite to win Speedway of Nations still belongs to Poland (2.375). On the other hand, countries which dominated the pairs format would make for great long shot bets. Those two nations include Denmark (15) and Great Britain (7.5). So go ahead and wager on the Speedway of Nations winner of your choice at 1xBet Sportsbook now!

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