Bet on Taylor Swift’s YouTube Channel to Be the Most-Subscribed

Taylor Swift can snatch everything - awards, certifications, haters, headlines, and our wigs - so betting on hers to become the most-subscribed YouTube channel by the end of 2018 wouldn’t be that far of a reach. However, this time, the Queen of Snakes has serious competition, most importantly PewDiePie, Justin Bieber, and Hole Soy German. Does she stand a chance? She sure does: the devil is in the statistics.

Taylor Swift to have the most YouTube subscribers
Justin Bieber vs Taylor Swift

The most-subscribed YouTube Channel on the 1st of January, 2019 (Updated on 14.11.2018)

# Channel Sub-prediction Odds
1. Taylor Swift 54,160,635 67
2. Justin Bieber VEVO 66,441,455 21
3. Hola Soy German 35,284,234 26
4. Canal KondZilla 46,547,420 34
5. Ed Sheeran 38,243,859 51
6. DudePerfect 39,494,459 51
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Taylor Swift, the Mastermind

Bet on Taylor Swift's YouTube
Taylor Swift has turned her backlash into gold

There are only a very few superstars out there who are immune to losing. One of them is Taylor Swift, American singer-songwriter, businessman, and marketing-genius. In 2017, she took one of the biggest backlashes a star had in recent memory and turned it into pure gold.

While people were trending #TaylorSwiftisOver on Twitter, the 28-year-old mastermind was most probably penning her iconic comeback single – “Look What You Made Me Do”owning her reputation with her head held high. The music video for the single was watched 43 million times on YouTube – in 24 hours. After everything was said and done, her album – Reputation – sold 1,2 million units in the US and 4,5 million units globally, just to become the second best-selling album in 2017.

Considering all the above, if someone would say “bet some money on Taylor Swift to have the most YouTube subscribers by the end of 2018” you probably wouldn’t hesitate too long before doing so (regardless of your opinion on her.) However, we must keep in mind that YouTube is a separate ecosystem with its own superstars, ruled by an indestructible YouTuber.

PewDiePie, the Indestructible

Nobody stands a chance against PewDiePie

The person most likely to end up with the most subscribers by the end of this year is Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie. The reigning King of YouTube is just as indestructible as Swift herself. Kjellberg had many, very serious scandals over the years, making him lose out on huge opportunities. Yet none of that was enough to destroy him. At this point, everybody should just accept it: PewDiePie is here to stay.

The only way to rule him out is to accept his victory

(Update: 10.09.2018: The betting odds excluding PewDiePie are not available anymore.) Kjellberg has over 65 million subscribers at the very moment. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is on her way to 31 million. Though, you never know with Swift, it’s unlikely that she’ll overtake PewDiePie. We cannot even count on the YouTuber to do something controversial, as he would just come back from it, stronger than before. Having established that, it’s time to respectfully put his name aside and move on to the betting spread that doesn’t include him.

Justin Bieber takes the lead without PewDiePie

Bet on Justin Bieber's YouTube Channel
Justin Bieber is still going strong

Now, we are looking at the following bet: who will have the most subscribers on YouTube by the end of 2018, if we don’t count PewDiePie? On this list, Taylor Swift is the 6th (out of 9) however the race is extremely tight. The most likely to win is Justin Bieber, who’s about to reach 41 million subscribers. In the last 30 days he earned 524,765 subs, around 17,492/day. He is predicted to have around 66 million subscribers by the end of 2018. That prediction in Swift’s case is 54 million. She gained 250,808 subs in the last 30 day, which translates to 8,360/day. However, we still haven’t shared any stats for the channels in-between the two.

You might ask: why are you pushing Taylor Swift when her odds place her only at sixth? The answer lays in statistics and predictions from Social Blade. Though she might be only the sixth when it comes to the betting odds, her predicted subscriber-count by 03.01.2019 is much higher than Hola Soy German’s who has the second best odds after Bieber. Take a look at the chart below:

Chart on current and predicted subscribers
Her odds might suggest otherwise, but Taylor Swift is a serious force to reckon with. (Data from Socialblade.com)

Now, she’s still behind Justin Bieber, but we see a completely different picture. If she would to do something that makes headlines for weeks, or releases a Christmas song, she could definitely overtake Bieber. If you are interested in betting on this event, check out the detailed odds below, and make your bet. Keep in mind: anything that these stars do can have an effect on their views and subscribers. A controversy can diminish but also increase their numbers.

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