The Best 24/7 Live Draw Online Lotteries in 2018

We are used to lottery draws being weekly events, but things are changing in parallel with the pace of our lives. The jackpots of classic lotteries might be very attractive, but nobody wants to wait anymore, especially, when modern lotteries are available whenever and wherever you want. Get introduced to the world of Live Draw Lotteries, choose your favourite, and enjoy the draws when you want!

Best 24/7 Live Draw Lotteries in 2018
Get familiar with live draw lotteries and play by your own rules!

If you take a deeper look, you’ll see how outdated the concept of classic, national lotteries is. In 2018, when you can play millions of games on your smartphone and see results in real-time, the only advantage classic lottery holds is the jackpot. We will not downplay the importance of this advantage: a huge jackpot will remain attractive, forever. But the odds of winning that jackpot – especially when there’s only one draw per week – are not very good.

That’s why most people claim to target smaller wins on lotteries: they know that winning the jackpot is not the most realistic of all dreams. Now, if someone is content with smaller wins they could just go and play live draw lotteries without the ties of a strict schedule. Why? Because live draw lotteries happen every 3-10 minutes, therefore, you can play whenever you feel lucky and you’ll see the results almost instantly:

In 10 minutes you can

  1. Check when’s the closest draw
  2. Choose your numbers
  3. Watch the draw
  4. See the results

As you can see, the concept of these live draw lotteries is much more suitable to our current way of consumption. Does this mean that classic lotteries are worthless? Not at all. National lotteries and smaller, instant-win draws can co-exist in perfect harmony. Both concept has pros and cons:

Comparison of Classic and Live Draw Lotteries

Classic Lotteries Live Draw Lotteries
  • huge jackpot
  • familiarity
  • money goes to your country
  • Frequent draws, 24/7
  • Wherever you want
  • availability of better odds
  • flexibility of bet amount
  • only weekly draws
  • lower odds
  • very few bets (mostly 1)
  • no flexibility
  • smaller jackpots
  • you need a phone or computer
  • takes some getting-used-to

It’s time that we show you a few of the best options out there. Below you’ll get a list of lotteries that are available at 1xBet Casino or Vbet Casino. Other online casino sites in the UK might have some Keno or Lotto titles, but their selection is usually very limited.  If you are planning to become a regular, I’d suggest you set up an account with 1xBet Casino, as there you will have access to all the best live draw lotteries.

Lotto Instant Win – 1xBet Casino

Live Draw Lottery at 1xBet Casino
The interface of Lotto Instant Win, which is a multifaceted lottery platform that serves numerous draws every 7 minutes

Lotto Instant Win is not a single lottery game; it is more like a platform where you can choose from 4 studios, and 17 games. In this section we’ll look only at the most popular of these lotteries, but keep an eye on our gambling news if you are interested in more. Lotto Instant Win can be found under ‘TV GAMES’.

Win 5/48

Win 5/48 is a modern take on classic lotteries. The rules are as simple as it gets: choose 1-5 numbers, place a bet, and watch the draw. There’s a draw every 7 minutes, 24/7. If all your numbers get drawn you’ll win your bet amount multiplied by the odds assigned to the amount of numbers you played. The minimum bet is €0,50, and the maximum payout is €500. (This game is available in 7/48 version as well.)

Lucky six 35/48

Lucky Six 35/48 is also a popular live draw lottery at 1xBet Casino. You’ll find this title in Studio 1. Let’s take a look at the official description of the game:

In game Lucky Six we draw 35 balls out of 48. In order to win, you need to guess 6 numbers from the 35 drawn numbers.

You can choose a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 numbers. You win if you hit 6 out of the 35 numbers drawn from the drum. However, there’s one additional rule: “the winning amount depends on when the balls were drawn, that is when the 6th ball was drawn for the minimum win.” To get a better grasp of this game, you should take it on a test drive at 1xBet Casino. The minimum bet is only €0,50 or €0,10 per combination. The maximum payout of this particular lottery is €100.

Lotto Instant Win at 1xBet Casino
Though it’s not conducted by a person, the draws are live-streamed at 1xBet Casino

If you play Lucky Six 35/48 all your tickets will automatically play in a separate extra win” jackpot game. This jackpot is won if the last 6 number drawn matches with your numbers.

Special bets in Lotto Instant Win:

  • Bet on colour of the first ball
  • First drawn number to be over/under 24,5
  • Sum of first 5 balls
  • Colour completed

Bet on Numbers – Vbet Casino

Bet on Numbers live draw
The ‘Bet in Numbers’ draw is overseen by a live dealer

GamingZion has a dedicated article for Ezugi’s Bet on Numbers lottery. If you want more details, please, check it out. Generally, Bet on Numbers is also a classic lottery (6/49) with a twist. You can make three general types of bets:

  1. Bet on numbers
  2. Bet on colours
  3. Bet on sums

Obviously, the possible wins are different for each.  The multipliers are shown next to each event. For example, a bet on the “colors of the FIRST TWO balls dropped shall be RED” will multiply your bet with 3.5. There are so many betting options, that this game will keep you entertained in a long term. Draws are held every 3 minutes, 24/7. The minimum bet amount is €0,10 while the max is €5. In all honesty, the maximum bet restriction is rather tight.

Bet on Numbers Vbet Casino
There are numerous special bets available in Vbet Casino‘s ‘Bet on Number’ by Ezugi

Bet on numbers’ interface is very straightforward. You get a visual bar to see the time left until the next draw. The available bets are well-organized and it is extremely simple to learn how to use it. What’s more, the draws are overseen by a live dealer.

Conclusion on Live Draw Lotteries

As you can see there’s more to live draw lotteries than schedule. You also have different betting options and multipliers. If you like lotteries in general, these can be ideal for some recreational gambling on the go.

If you are looking for new ways to bet on lotteries, make sure to check out our article about the The Top International Lottery Betting Sites in 2018!

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