Bet on Tyrone McKenna vs Jack Catterall and the Future of Super Lightweight Boxing


Posted: June 27, 2018

Updated: June 27, 2018

It is hardly the main attraction of the night but certainly one that the future of boxing will see as pivotal for the making of a champion to be. However, what should a gambler choose when betting on Tyrone McKenna vs Jack Catterall?

This super lightweight showdown is easy to overlook on the fight card for Mick Conlan however, the fight between Jack Catterall and Tyrone McKenna is imperative to the future careers of these two young boxers. Spare their division the two are pole opposites and thus await hordes of anticipation for what can only be a fight of raw exhilaration.

Belfast, bloody Belfast  

Tyrone McKenna is the quintessential eager boxer. Undefeated and with 16 fights under his belt it comes as no surprise that the Irish man wants to be the hero of 2018 Belfast. His style out of the ring is frequently misconstrued as cocky but his clean sheet backs up his lip.

When fighting, his technique is outstanding for the most part but whether through apathy or malpractice, McKenna all too often leaves himself exposed. The reason he has gotten away with it so far is all down to his huge reach, an asset that flaws his opponents on the regular.

His original opponent was withdrawn from the fight but McKenna welcomes the Catterall draw, having wanted to face the Brit in the ring for over 18 months.

The Chorley champion

Another undefeated boxer, Catterall is also keen for the fight. His boxing style is to get close and finish with an uppercut. Online gambling reviews sites in the United Kingdom predict this to leave him at a disadvantage when facing the likes of McKenna. The opponents that the two have faced so far have been similar in stature but Catterall lacks the determination McKenna clearly possesses.

Bet on Tyrone McKenna vs Jack Catterall

As said before, this fight is essential for the progression of the two boxers into higher leagues and respectability. When deciding on the most apt to bet on, McKenna has the fighting advantage. Online sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom say that with Bet365 Sportsbook and odds at 4/1, a bet on Tyrone McKenna vs Jack Catterall for a Mckenna win is one of more than Irish luck alone, assuming a profit is what one wants from such a gamble.

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