Bet365 Gives Up On Its Online Sportsbook in the Philippines

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Bet365 has withdrawn from the Filipino gambling market, without explaining why.

Players looking to bet on sports in the Philippines won’t be able to access the British bookmaker’s website anymore. Two weeks ago, the company sent out notifications to all registered users, letting them know that their accounts would be closed starting February 25.

The company did not offer a detailed explanation for this sudden decision, adding only that it was taken “following a review at Bet365”, but this is certainly bad news for Filipino bettors, considering that Bet365 is one of the biggest online sportsbooks world-wide.

All is not lost though, as the company did not exclude the possibility of returning to the market if it sees a greater demand for its services.

One bookmaker to dominate the market

Players who did not have enough time to withdraw their funds from their accounts with Bet365 need not despair. The company made it clear that they can get their money back at any time, even if their accounts have been deactivated. All they have to do it to contact Bet365’s customer service department, and the issue will be resolved.

Now that Bet365 has pulled out of the Filipino market, local players are left with only one option. MegaSportsWorld is currently the only company authorized under Filipino gambling laws to run betting parlors across the country.

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