Betting On Formula One At Bet365 Just Got Incredibly Easy

Bet on Hamilton

The pinnacle of motorsport waves a relieved good bye to Nico Rosberg and Mercedes takes on Valtteri Bottas to replace him but for those of us that like to bet on Formula One this isn’t a move that makes for a sparklingly competitive 2017, something reflected in the odds on the next Champion at Bet365.

F1 World Championship 2017

• Lewis Hamilton – 11/10
• Max Verstappen – 3/1
• Daniel Ricciardo – 4/1
• Valtteri Bottas – 4/1
• Sebastian Vettel – 16/1

When Nico Rosberg left Formula One, the petulant child stalking off into retirement before it became too obvious in front of the media what a total tool the rest of the paddock considered him, we rejoiced. Then Mercedes announced they were giving their precious second drive to Valtteri Bottas and we stopped rejoicing. Not because Valtteri is a bad chap, but just because it makes next season rather dull if you’re apt to take advantage of UK gambling laws to do a little betting on Formula One.

Betting On Formula One At Bet365

Do you think Verstappen cares about the odds? (Photo: © imago/HochZwei)

Valtteri Bottas certainly deserves the opportunity, he has driven consistently and whilst he might have the now traditional plank-of-wood personality Formula One teams insist on these days at least he’s got cherubic baby-faced features and pale blue eyes totally devoid of the arrogance that Rosberg wore like a feather boa ready to flounce at any moment, but he’s not good enough to take on Hamilton on an equal footing and that means the odds available for betting on Formula One are a little lamentable.

Is Valtteri Bottas At Mercedes A Blow To Betting On Formula One?

Naturally no one is betting on Formula One having changed all that much with the departure of Rosberg, Mercedes still have a massively obvious technical advantage and that provides Valtteri with the very best of opportunities. Of course a World Champion, even one as irritating as Rosberg, is no easy act to follow and should the Finn not produce results quite quickly I won’t be alone in the UK gambling news headlines will be of Mercedes making another change in their driver line up.

Of course Bottas will take time to settle in at Mercedes and by the time he is and able to give Hamilton a run for his money the three time world Champion will already be an almost unassailable number of points ahead. Betting on Formula One this season then is awfully simple, just visit Bet365 and wager on Lewis Hamilton winning the season and you can all but guarantee a return, however if you’re not as cynical as I am there are of course a whole host of other teams and drivers to wager on.

Bet365 Gives Lewis Hamilton The Nod In The F1 Betting Odds

A good bet might be an each way wager on Kimi Raikkonen since Bet365 are giving him odds of 50/1 and a third place finish in the season is not beyond him, actually winning the championship is, but coming third, that’s worth a punt. Fernando Alonso sits at 33/1 which is generous given he hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell, and anyone betting on Formula One placing money on him to win the season is as bonkers as those backing Massa, Sainz or Hulkenberg all of whom have odds in triple digits.

More seriously, if you’re really going to do some betting on Formula One, is Sebastian Vettel at 16/1, the best hope Ferrari have this year, and Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull might be disappointed he gets 4/1 at Bet365 whilst the far younger and more inexperienced Max Verstappen gets just 3/1. Valtteri Bottas, the new boy in a silver arrow gets 4/1 to win the F1 World championship, but if you like to bet on sports in the UK and the F1 circus is irresistible it’s Hamilton at 11/10 that is the only sensible wager.

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