Betting On International Football Gets Blattered

Betting on International football FIFA President Blatter

Sepp Blatter, currently pushing Vlad The Impaler into third place on the list of All Time Evil Europeans, seems to have decided to invoke a scorched earth strategy and not only burn all his own bridges, but burn everyone else’s bridges as well. This will make betting on International football far more interesting for those that like to bet on sports in the UK as FIFA flounders under the increasing weight of its own by-product-of-a-cow’s-husband, something, coincidentally, Parliament decided to ask Greg Dyke of the English FA about this week.

Big Mouth Blatter Blabs

• Russia’s 2018 bid rigged
• Legal action possible?
• Blatter attacks Platini

“There’s nothing Mr Blatter says that surprises me very much.”
Said Greg Dyke the one time head of the BBC who now runs the English FA as he sat looking tired in front of a Parliamentary committee who wanted answers about the corruption at FIFA, and in particular the latest revelations from the now defunct President Sepp Blatter. It would seem betting on international football managing to reform itself is silly given what Mr. Dyke said, putting it bluntly; “FIFA has been corrupt for almost 40 years.”

His fatigue with the situation was all too obvious, and given the English FA have been frozen out of the Blatter era by dint of the British tabloid media having infuriated him far too often, he really isn’t responsible, especially not for thinking that the bid for the 2018 was a good idea. Betting on international football tournaments is what nations do, spending millions in hopes of luring them to these competitions to their shores, but according to Blatter the result was decided ahead of time.

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Greg Dyke FA president

FA leader Dyke has his opinion about the leadership of FIFA

According to Blatter in a masterful interview with the Russian news agency TASS there had been a pre-vote agreement that Russia would get 2018 and The USA the 2022 tournament until Michel Platini had scuppered that and taken it towards Qatar. The fact that the arrangement made all the other bids moot, lost in the anti-Platini tirade that blamed him for just about everything including a somewhat paranoid account of a “personal attack” by Platini leading a UEFA campaign to unseat him as President.

Blatter Lashes Out As He Goes Down

Everyone betting on international football knew that the system was corrupt and the corruption went right to the top, Sepp Blatter handing over two million Swiss francs to Michel Platini with nary a piece of paperwork just making it so staggeringly obvious as to make the latter standing to be the next President almost laughable, but he’s still running, and in his interview even Blatter thinks he can come back and be President again. That’s just insane.

If you’re in the UK gambling laws of averages would see the UK host a world cup any time soon, put your money away, Greg Dyke had to stop himself from smirking when he told MPs that it was “questionable” if anyone English would ever be elected President, which is an understatement and a half, and FIFA don’t like the British media, the media who had done so much to highlight the corruption within the organization, the media who were now leading the calls for legal action.

Vladimir Putin Sepp Blatter Russia 2018

Blatter could use his psychic powers to predict the next winner of bids

With an agreement ahead of time to give World Cups to specified nations, Russia in 2018, cities who had been betting on international football hosting duty, like England for 2018, had spent their money in vain, some twenty one million pounds in England’s case, and MPs (prompted by the press) wanted to know if steps would be taken to recover the money spent on the bid if it turned out allegations of the deal were true. Greg kept his face cautiously still and said it would be nice, but unlikely to work.

Likewise when pushed Greg had to point out that whilst the FA had suspended support for Michel Platini they hadn’t fully removed it and would only do so if investigations proved him guilty, and that any decision on who to back will come nearer the vote, a vote not due till the start of next year, and if you like betting on international football you’ll probably need to spare a little stake to put a bet on the candidates up for the Presidency on sites like Bet365 Sportsbook.

Betting On International Football; Fruitful Or Folly?

It’s a pretty straight forward shoot out this one with Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein currently leading the field by a good length and a half with next to no odds on his taking the job, the bookies pretty much deciding this is the way it’s going to go. However with everyone who likes betting on international football just waiting for another scandal to drop Gianni Infantino on 6/1 might be worth a bet, although Michel Platini on 8/1, Tokyo Sexwale and Jermone Champagne at 14/1, and Musa Biltity at 16/1 seem less likely.

Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein UEFA president candidate

Being a billionaire royal prince does help being above suspicion of corruption

Chances are the FIFA presidency is a bit of a poisoned chalice now with whomever wins either being accused of not doing enough about corruption or being corrupt themselves, regardless of who actually wins the job. Likewise it would seem that despite all the shocking revelations very little is likely to actually change in FIFA, “If you could form something totally new and start again, that would be a good idea.” Dyke told MPs, adding that unfortunately that was unrealistic.

Of course what those that like betting on international football need to know is that the matches aren’t as rigged as the votes for the hosting of tournaments. Are the winners decided before the kick-off? The very highest echelons of FIFA are rotten to the core, and its likely the rest of FIFA is just not catching the headlines rather than being innocent of all allegations, and I won’t be the only one gambling news headlines of another scandal will break in the near future, probably from the lips of Blatter himself.

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