Betting on Virtual Greyhound Racing is a More Ethical Wager

betting on virtual greyhound racing

Betting on virtual greyhound racing is now a much better option than making wagers on the real-life races.

The popularity of greyhound racing in the UK has seen a steep decline in recent years. We at GamingZion already covered one article focusing on the last remaining track, and it appears this abhorrent sport may finally be coming to an end.

Those that want to feel the thrill of the races without the moral conundrum of supporting a cruel spectacle should head to BetVictor, which offers betting on virtual greyhound racing. Unfamiliar with virtual racing? It’s simple really.

Many online sportsbooks in the UK offer virtual sport betting now. Every few minutes, BetVictor puts on virtual races that players can wager on. The outcomes of these races are created using a non-biased computer algorithm, ensuring players always receive a fair chance to win.

Virtual greyhound racing offers the same excitement as a real race, without the need to subject helpless animals to cruel punishment.

What other virtual races are available at BetVictor?

Betting on virtual greyhound racing is not the only available option at BetVictor. Members also have access to a wide range of different virtual sport betting including virtual horse racing and virtual tennis matches.

In recent years, virtual football betting has also become extremely popular. This fun computer-generated sporting event pits various teams against each other, oftentimes in dream match-ups like Manchester United vs. Real Madrid.

If you’re interested in betting on virtual greyhound racing, head to BetVictor today to find all their virtual sport betting options, and follow GamingZion’s UK gambling news page to stay up to date on everything related to betting on new sports!

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