Bet On Cycling To Finish The Milan-San Remo Despite Scandals

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As we in the northern hemisphere begin to throw off the coils of cold we term winter the world of cycling wakes up from its post Olympic hibernation, scratches at the seeping sores of scandal that festoon it like beads on a beach babe at Mardi Gras, and if there’s one thing you can bet on cycling to do as the classic season gets underway it is to deny everything even as the rides take to the road in the Milan-San Remo.

Milan-San Remo

  • Longest 1 day pro race
  • Distance – 298km
  • ”La Classicissima”
  • ”The Spring Classic”
  • First ridden: 1907
  • Terrain – Mainly flat

They call the Milan-San Remo, one of the five so-called “monument” races, the “Spring Classic” which is pretty apt given just about everything about cycling has been ‘classic’ ever since Lance Armstrong was discovered to be on more drugs than Rush Limbaugh with so many tarnished. Floyd Landis and Alberto Contador stripped off their Tour de France wins and numerous scandals of team doping spread across the sport like acne on a teenager, and you can bet on cycling to create more.

Team Sky, a well known name to those that like to bet on cycling, are even now still embroiled over a package of “medication” given to Sir Bradley Wiggins, a British cycling hero the tabloids now seem only interested in impuning, back in 2011 admitting “mistakes were made” but denying any anti-doping rules were broken. Not that they can provide any records to back that up, apparently they’re alone in the UK gambling news paper journalists won’t just make things up to fill a gap in known facts. Classic.

Knighted On A Bike, Hounded By The Press

They’ve been criticized by MPs in parliament, they’re under investigation by Ukad, who are the UK Anti-Doping squad, and cling to the idea that everything will be okay if they just stick to their story.
“There is a fundamental difference.” Said Sir Dave Brailsford, a Team Sky Principle, “between process failures and wrongdoing.” Which means Team Sky don’t equate doing things wrong with wrong doing, and also seems to indicate that you bet on cycling in Britain getting you a knighthood from the Queen.

UK cycling team

Team Sky is currently under investigation by Ukad (photo:

The allegations made against Team Sky are not particularly damning as there has, as yet, been absolutely no substantiation of them whatsoever, however should it be discovered that Bradley Wiggins’ “therapeutic use exemptions” allowed him and Dr Richard Freeman to conspire to improve his performance artificially you can bet on cycling collapsing once and for all, and not being something anyone who might bet on sports in the UK would choose to risk their hard earned cash on.

Bet On Cycling At Bet365 In Time For La Classicissima

Milan-San Remo Odds

  • Michael Matthews – 18/1
  • Nacer Bouhanni – 14/1
  • Mark Cavendish – 13/1
  • Arnaud Demare – 11/1
  • John Degenkolb – 11/1
  • Alexander Kristoff – 9/1
  • <li.fernando gaviria="" –="" 11="" 2

  • Peter Sagan – 6/1

Of course whilst Team Sky blame the good doctor, who hasn’t helped himself by missing a select committee hearing through “ill health” and managed to conveniently have a laptop of medical records “stolen”, the rest of the cycling world is readying itself to get back in the saddle and ride the Milan-San Remo’s 298km distance, the longest single-day race in modern professional cycling, and pretend for those that like to actually bet on cycling that people could actually ride 300km that fast without drugs.

But if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on cycling who should you back at Bet365 to win this monumental classic? Well once we discount outsiders who’d need a pile up at the front of the peloton to stand a chance, there’s Nacer Bouhanni on 14/1, Mark Cavendish on 13/1 (a great each-way bet option), with Arnaud Demare and John Degenkolb both getting 11/1 and Alexander Kristoff a healthy 9/1. Fernado Gaviria is on 11/2 and Peter Sagan out front on just 6/1, and he looks all set to take the win.

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