Betting on Tony Bellew Does Not Mean Betting on the Underdog

Betting on Tony Bellew Does Not Mean Betting on the Underdog

Heavyweight contenders Tony “Bomber” Bellew and David “Hayemaker” Haye will have their much-anticipated rematch on 5 May. It was originally scheduled for the end of last year, but Haye had to pull out due to a bicep injury he suffered during training. That injury is just one of the reasons we think betting on Bellew would be a better choice.

Their first encounter in March 2017 ended with a TKO by Bellew. Haye claims the defeat has humbled him and taught him not to step in the ring with animosity. This is why he now speaks more respectfully of his opponent than before their first bout.

Bellew, however, suspects Haye is merely following his publicists’ advice and will not be able to contain his anger during the actual fight. “Don’t worry, when he claps eyes on me that muzzle will come off, because I know he can’t even bear to look at me,” Bellew told Sky Sports.

Bookmakers don’t seem to believe him, as they favor the Hayemaker. Online sportsbooks in the UK give a 2/5 multiplier for Haye’s victory and a 7/4 multiplier for Bellew’s win. But is it truly safer to bet on Haye?

Haye Struggling with Injuries

The injury responsible for the postponement of the fight is not an isolated incident in the Hayemaker’s career. In fact, it was precisely an injury that decided his bout with Bellew last year. He damaged his Achilles; although he managed to continue the fight for five rounds, his trainer threw in the towel at the 11th round.

Haye claims he has reformed his training methods and does not expect such mishaps again. As he explains, “there’s stuff I’ve done in the past that I wouldn’t do now because it’s unnecessarily dangerous. I focus the exercises on safety.” Still, there is no guarantee his body could not betray him again.

The Bomber’s Game Plan May Warrant Betting on Bellew

As if the history of injuries weren’t enough, Bellew seems to have a detailed game plan. He is so confident he revealed part of his strategy to journalists.

He plans on losing some weight to make his counterpunches sharper, which were highly effective during their last clash: “I was punching him all the time with a slip and come back with a right hand,” he explains. “I’m going into this fight with a game plan to stop him even quicker than the first one.”

If this inspires you to bet on Bellew’s winning method or even the specific round the bout will end, check out VBet Sportsbook. It gives, for instance, a 12/1 multiplier for the Bomber winning in rounds 7-9. But if you want to stick to a safer bet, we recommend betting on Bellew’s victory.

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