Don’t Bet On The Next Arsenal Manager Being A Miracle

Bet On The Next Arsenal Manager

The departure of Arsene Wenger leaves a job going in the very stratosphere of football. Arsenal might have gone off the boil in recent seasons but they’re still one of the best sides in the world and whilst the fans will be only too glad to see the Frenchman depart filling his shoes will still be a tough ask of anyone. But just who will get fingered as the next boss of Highbury? Should you bet on the next Arsenal manager to be a familiar face or some new blood? We take a look at the odds on offer.

  • Will the fans get their wish of Simeone or Massimiliano?
  • Could old hands Thierry Henry or Dennis Bergkamp return?
  • Should Rafael Benitez head south to Highbury?
  • Is Patrick Vieira the obvious choice to take over at the Emirates?

There will always be a slight suspicion that Arsene Wenger, long serving manager of Arsenal football club in the English Premier League, jumped into retirement at the end of this season rather being shoved ungracefully into it by a team obviously very grateful for the success he brought them over the years but rather wishing it were more recent years rather than those now long gone. It’s something you can bet the next manager of Arsenal will have to contend with, the nearly-but-not-quite performance.

You can pretty much bet the next Arsenal manager will be forced to promise Champions League football to the fans upon his arrival, the team is currently 33 points adrift of table toppers Manchester City this year and languish in sixth place in the league so have fixed their hopes on winning the Europa cup instead, although if you regularly bet on sports in the UK you’ll probably be only too aware that to get their hands on their trophy they’ll first have to push by a semi-final against Atletico Madrid.

“I want to thank the fans who make this club so special.”

Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti

“I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season. I am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club for so many memorable years.” said Wenger’s carefully worded statement released to confirm his intent to retire, going on to say “I urge our fans to stand behind the team to finish on a high. To all the Arsenal lovers take care of the values of the club. My love and support for ever.” Well that’s nice Arsene, but don’t bet on the next Arsenal manager to retain all your values.

As the tributes flowed in from friend and foe alike the bookies were already asking people to bet on the next Arsenal manager with Patrick Viera getting an early nod in the odds at just 7/2 albeit a little way behind Brendan Rogers who got 3/1 within hours. Of course if you’re in the UK gambling news headlines will scream of one of these two favourites taking over the job, you really should remember that in the Premier League things very, very rarely work out as everyone expects them to early on.

Bet On The Next Arsenal Manager Online Today

  • Thierry Henry – 18/1
  • Mikel Arteta – 18/1
  • Rafael Benitez – 16/1
  • Eddie Howe – 16/1
  • Diego Simeone – 16/1
  • Leonardo Jardim – 14/1
  • Massimiliano Allegri – 12/1
  • Joachim Loew – 7/1
  • Thomas Tuchel – 13/2
  • Luis Enrique – 6/1
  • Patrick Vieira – 5/1
  • Carlo Ancelotti – 4/1
  • Brendan Rogers – 3/1

Naturally that doesn’t mean you should whip off out and bet on the next Arsenal manager being Harry Redknapp at 100/1 or Pep Guardiola at 80/1, it won’t even be Jurgen Klopp at 66/1, however there are a lot of very experienced, talented and successful managers that are far more realistic prospects and might be worth of taking advantage of UK gambling laws to back to step into Wenger’s shoes on a permanent basis. But who is it likely to be? Thomas Tuchel at 13/2? Joachim Loew at 8/1? It’s tricky.

A lot of money is checking out Massimiliano Allegri at 12/1 or Diego Simeone at 16/1, but this could just be wishful thinking by Arsenal fans rather than any realistic prospect, would Allegri really leave Juventus? Or Simeone Atletico? It seems unlikely. Rafael Benitez is the wild card, he’s not settled into Newcastle as much as could have been wished, and would he turn his nose up at a move back to London? I think not. At 16/1 he’s probably the best bet on the next Arsenal manager you could make.

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