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Biggest Casino Innovators

The biggest casino innovators of all time are the people whose creations and ideas led us to be able to play on the online casino sites in the US. These innovations changed the gambling scene for both companies, guests, internet users, and even law enforcement. There are many ways one can innovate a casino. From implementing historical and artistic values to bettering the cyber security of certain tokens. For this, we collected the biggest casino innovators. Because without these people, playing at casinos would be much worse and boring.

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Biggest Casino Innovators and Innovations

Most of the biggest casino innovators of our times are unknown. Because it is extremely difficult to track down the names of the programmers. Thanks to these people we have the greatest innovations that came in the last ten years. Such as Adobe Flash-based digital slot machines. Encrypted online casino transaction safety. Before we would talk about the biggest casino innovators. It is good to mention that online casinos were invented in 1996. Ever since there were hundreds of micro-features implemented into their websites. These features are all a piece of genius and under-appreciated coding. The latest of these innovations was the integration of cryptocurrency and VR casinos.

Steve Wynn and Jay Sarno

The owners of the two greatest casinos are Steve Wynn, the owner of Wynn Resorts. Jay Sarno was the founder of Caesars Palace. These two casino giants made their founders and owners the biggest casino innovators of all time. The idea of Jay Sarno and his friend brought back the aesthetics of the Roman Empire for the citizens of L.A. Reliving the way they lived, brought artistic and historical values to the world of casino gaming.

Biggest Casino Innovators
Picture Source: Flickr

It was not just a simple walk-in casino. But whenever guests stepped in front of Caesar’s Palace, they felt like they were traveling through space and time. On the other hand, Wynn Resorts brought the color of gold to the otherwise neon-gray industrial Las Vegas Strip. With top elegance and the most modern display of fine aesthetics. Steve Wynn is one of the greatest businessmen today.

Charles Fey – Father of Slot Machines

Charles Fey is the most iconic name on the list of the biggest casino innovators. Because he is the father of all slot machines. According to Prairie State Gaming, the first slot machine was invented in 1894. That’s when Fey created his famous Liberty Bell, the very first version of the slot machines we know today. These machines are no longer produced, and owning one is for the value of prestige.

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This machine was not digital, and it was operating with metal reels spinning the results. Unfortunately, most of these slot machine prototypes were destroyed in an earthquake. And one has to pay a fortune to acquire a piece of this technological history for themselves. Ever since the implementation of RGB. The invention of Charles Fey became the heart of every retail and online casino. It is no wonder why the remaining prototypes of his invention are selling for so expensive.

Fortune Coin Company

This company was the first to commission digital slot machines. What we know is that the current owner is Holly Black. She has been the owner since 2006 January. This means that she’s been governing the company for 16 years and two months now. It is not unlikely that she was the person to request the digitalization of slot machines. Because if she was the one to commission the implementation of led screens and RNG programming into these machines.

Biggest Casino Innovators
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nowadays you can see these digital slot machines placed everywhere where they might be legal or ethical. Additionally, they might have been the ones to implement the first Flash-based casino games on the online platforms. Fortune Coin Company might not be among the greatest names on the list of online casino sites or the most luxurious casinos on the Vegas Strip. But they are the biggest casino innovators.

Charles Walton – Biggest Casino Innovators

According to Lemelson, the first inventor of the RFID chips was Charles Walton. Casino chips has RFID chips inside of them. An RFID is an authentication device that allows the chip to store unique serial numbers attached to transactions. Thanks to this, we can identify transactions, such as hotel room keys, or casino chips. Because before we could have identified these chips, the validity of the transactions was hard to properly identify.

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This caused many arguments in casinos, and people had to track the motion of chips by watching video recordings of security cameras. Casinos started using RFID chips in 2004. This brought a new level of integrity and safety to the world of casinos. Today, the tracking of not even the transactions but the validity of chips can be tracked by simply holding the chip against a device for one second.

Where to Play Online Casinos?

If you are a fan of casino games and gambling, then you should visit the websites and retail places mentioned in this article. Because the biggest casino innovators were working for more than thirty years to create the devices we know today. If you wish to see the fruit of these innovations, then visit Juicy Stakes, they are one of the best online casinos out there. They are offering a welcome bonus of 200% up to $1000. They are offering several great casino promotions to participate in it. This concludes our topic of biggest casino innovators. Don’t forget to always stay gambling aware, and play with responsibility.

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