The Algorithm of Slot Machines: How Do They Work?


Posted: January 10, 2022

Updated: January 10, 2022

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If you ever visited online casino sites in the US, then you may have wondered: How does this work? What programming languages are these websites using, and on what algorithm a slot machine is running? Back before the internet, there were false and unbiased claims among casino players, that these machines were rigged. The average casino players are not engineering or tech experts, thus they are not understanding how these machines work. They assumed that they were just spinning metal bars, repeating the same sequence of the patterns. But this is wrong. Let’s discover the secrets and the algorithm of slot machines.

Before the Algorithm Of Slot Machines

Before digitalization reached casinos. These machines were purely mechanical, with little to no programming inside of them. The first form of slot machines was established in Brooklyn, 1891. According to the Blackemsacasino, the first machine was built by metal reels. These reels were filled with numbers, and they were spinning. The stop was provided by a magnetic braking system. The first true slot machine as we know it today was invented by Charles Fey. It was called the Liberty Bell, and most of the models were destroyed in an earthquake. Only four remain in existence today. These are true relics of the past. They are even expensive, one of these models was going for $175,000 in 2017 on Morphy Auctions.

Python, the Programming Language

While each online casino might use its own programming languages. The most famous programming language for casino games is Python. Python is easy to learn and understand. And it is also most efficient for video games and interactive programming. Python is an object-based programming language, which allows the programmers to implement the best algorithms of casino experience. According to StackOverflow Trends, it is the most sought-after programming language in the world. This might change in the future, however, Python at the moment is everything a company needs to establish game programming. This might change in the future, however.

RNG, the Algorithm Of Slot Machines

We already explained what RNG is in a different article regarding video games. RNG means Random Number Generator. And this is the algorithm that runs the slot machines. The concept is easy. For three different sequences, the program is generating a random result.

The Algorithm of Slot Machines
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

The final stage of the program includes the software checking for the results. If the results are matching, then the player wins. But one might need to understand that sometimes RNG is not entirely safe. In video games, for example. RNG needs to be based on some sort of data, and because of this. Most video games are using pseudo-RNG. However, modern casinos and casino sites are using the most advanced programming for this algorithm. With no internal memory in the machines, these algorithms are generating random results, without being affected by any outside information.

Can You Hack the Algorithm of Slot Machines?

The short answer is no. You can not possibly affect the algorithm of slot machines if they are secured and programmed properly. And even if you could, you shouldn’t. According to Wired’s report, the authorities are doing their best to chase down and bring justice to casino cheaters. The trick he exploited was exactly the fact that older casino machines are using pseudo-RNG, instead of the algorithm modern slot machines are using.

If you are a casino owner, then you shouldn’t try to save money by investing in older casino machines, because, with today’s technology, older RNG sequences can easily be exploited. But if you are up-to-date with modern technology, then your machines are safe. Because it is highly unlikely that in the next ten years, anyone would be able to bypass the hard-coded security systems of these machines and websites.

What Does a Slot Machine Code Look Like?

While we are not programming experts, we do care a lot about casino games. And many of the online casino players might wonder, what does the code of a slot machine look like? If you are a programmer who seeks to experiment with creating slot machines, then we recommend you to search open-source codes in Github. The code is not hard to understand. But you will not find anything you could use to exploit these games and machines.

The Algorithm of Slot Machines
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The codes are rather simple, and the algorithms are running on 99,99% pure luck. They also have an RTP system programmed into them, which is basically calculating the return of the player. Other available programming languages alternatives to python are Java and C++. Vegas casinos might even have their own languages invented in order to ensure the safety of their machines.

Where To Play Online Casinos?

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