Bookies Seem To Bet On Rory McIlroy To Win Majors In 2020

  • Rescheduled Tournaments Beckon For Wayward Rory
  • Bet On Rory McIlroy To Win The Masters At Bovada
  • Rory Falls In Rankings Due To Poor Form On Return
Bet On Rory McIlroy
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You can bet on Rory McIlroy to put in a good performance whenever he plays. Or at least you could. Prior to the shut-down he was finishing well up the leaderboard. Unfortunately, since the return his results haven’t been so good. That makes the US Open and Masters betting odds on offer at Bovada and other online sportsbook sites in the US a little odd. He’s favorite for both. So will Rory sort out his issues before the tee off in these important tournaments or should you back someone else?

It’s the contrast that is perhaps most alarming. The time away has definitely not assisted Rory. Prior to the close down, necessary because of the public health emergency he was doing well. Now, upon the return of the PGA, not so much. Where he was getting T-3, and T-5 finishes before, now he’s struggling with T-32, and T-41 results. This isn’t confidence inspiring in those who have bet on Rory McIlroy to win any of the large contests still to come. It’s quite worrying.

It’s not that he’s played terribly. The results are just ho-hum. His T-11 finish at the RBC Heritage looks positively glowing by comparison. That sort of performance just won’t be enough if he wants to win at the majors. And you get bet on Rory McIlroy to want to win at the majors. They might have been rescheduled but that makes them no less prestigious. The only questions are; Can Rory pull himself out of these doldrums and should you take advantage of US gambling laws to back him?

Shot Choices Prove Tricky On Return To PGA 

“I’m not doing too badly.” He said. You can bet on Rory McIlroy to believe that. However, given his real potential, his recent results are disappointing. He’s aware of that. His confidence is rusty and trusting his own shots seems more difficult now. “Sometimes you get these shots…….and you’re in two minds.” He said at Memorial. This doesn’t sound good. That ambiguity can ruin a players mental approach and leave them off target. He finally finished T-32 let us remember.

Betting Odds 2020 US Masters 

  • Anyone Else – 28/1+
  • Jordan Spieth – 25/1
  • Patrick Cantlay – 20/1
  • Tiger Woods – 18/1
  • Dustin Johnson – 18/1
  • Brooks Koepka – 16/1
  • Bryson DeChambeau – 12/1
  • Jon Rahm – 12/1
  • Justin Thomas – 11/1
  • Rory McIlroy – 15/2

So what’s got to him? Is he still shaking off the dust from his time away from the course, or is it more serious? Those who wish to bet on Rory McIlroy at Bovada and other online betting sites in the US will need to know. There are other players who, if he’s not on form, are much better wagers at the majors. Brooks Koepka, Jon Rahm and Dustin Johnson to name a few. They’re a serious challenge when you’re playing well. When you’re not, they’re likely to find you wanting.

Rory McIlroy | June 1, 2011 at The Memorial Tournament, Muir… | Flickr
Rory Mcllroy in 2011 – Image source: Flickr

Bet On Rory McIlroy In US Open And Masters At Bet365

It is thus a little tricky to bet on Rory McIlroy at the moment. It gets even more tricky when you notice Tiger Woods is once more stalking the tour, a narrative generator on two legs. There will be more than a few punters, those who regularly bet on golf in the US, who’ll see Tiger winning. It’s just the sort of thing that golf sees happen. That makes the US Open betting odds on Rory McIlroy slightly strange. He gets 10/1 to win, well clear of the rest of the field at the moment.

Bet On The 2020 US Open 

  • Anyone Else – 25/1+
  • Webb Simson – 22/1
  • Patrick Cantlay – 20/1
  • Tiger Woods – 18/1
  • Justin Thomas – 16/1
  • Jon Rahm – 14/1
  • Dustin Johnson – 14/1
  • Bryson DeChambeau – 14/1
  • Brooks Koepka – 12/1
  • Rory McIlroy – 10/1

So do the bookies like Bovada really know something we don’t? Is this slump in form some sort of ruse to lure opponents into a false sense of security? Is a bet on Rory McIlroy still the best bet on sports in the US this autumn? It’s so hard to say. Certainly, this seems a markedly different player on the course, however we have seen far worse players than he bounce back. So don’t dismiss him just yet, this could just be a temporary setback on the march towards his golfing legend.

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We take a look at if you should still bet on Rory McIlroy to win one of the golfing majors after what appears to be a nasty slump in performance.

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