That Bet On The 2020 Indian Premier League May Still Win

  • 2020 IPL Series To Now Go Ahead This September 
  • Bet On The 2020 Indian Premier League At Bet365
  • The Schedule Change Has Global Knock On Effect
Bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League
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For a while, it appeared there would be no tournament. That your bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League would be rendered null and void by circumstance. The exigencies of the situation making it impossible to stage such an international event safely in India. However, the BCCI have now entered into a partnership with the UAE to host this prestigious event in September. This means we all have a rare opportunity to bet on sports in the UAE at Bet365, albeit at some small cost.

If you bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League getting cancelled you’ve just lost your wager. The cynics lose again. The BCCI has, in its wisdom, decided to merely postpone and move the tournament. This means India will not host, but instead, the United Arab Emirates will. This might seem a little unorthodox, but needs must as the devil drives. It’s that or no tournament at all. Those of us that enjoy a bet on cricket in India each year for the IPL know which we prefer.

We have sent the acceptance letter to the Emirates Cricket Board.” Confirmed Brijesh Patel of the BCCI, “Both the boards will be working together from now on to stage the tournament.” Which puts rumor to bed but leaves numerous questions unanswered. No one in the UAE gambling laws of bio-security can’t be enforced is serious. The UAE can do security really well. You can bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League to be kept in a bubble. But there are other issues.

United Arab Emirates To Stage T20’s Biggest Tournament

The public health situation will obviously be a top priority for organizers, teams, and players. So, it’ll probably be top of the press coverage too. However, moving the tournament to another country isn’t really the biggest issue for cricket as a whole. The change of schedule now places the tournament between September 18th and November 8th. So, whilst you can bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League now going ahead, some big international fixtures simply won’t now.

2020 IPL Betting Odds

  • Rajasthan Royals – 9/1
  • Kings XI Punjab – 9/1
  • Kolkata Knight Riders – 13/2
  • Delhi Capitals – 11/2
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore – 7/1
  • Chennai Super Kings – 5/1
  • Hyderabad Sunrisers – 9/2
  • Mumbai Indians – 4/1

Cricket boards around the world know what the IPL means to players. Indeed numerous boards promise players the opportunity to go and play in the tournament. So, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa cancelled various international matches on the release of the new timetable. Online sportsbook sites in the UAE and elsewhere, like Bet365, instantly ceased to offer odds on them. You can bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League made their best players unavailable, so that was that.

Bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League
The Indian Premier League in 2011 – Image source: Strike Eagle / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Bet On The 2020 Indian Premier League At Bet365

It says much that this tournament can have such a big effect on global cricket. That it is such a big draw. Indeed, it is that scale of significance which makes it so important the tournament goes ahead, regardless of where and when. It isn’t just a question of money, it’s about the T20 system as a whole. It is demonstrating it is the most resilient form of the game today. That’s why you could always bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League going ahead. It can easily adapt to suit circumstances.

Rohit Shama – Mumbai Captain

“I miss playing the game.”

This year online betting sites in the UAE have the Mumbai Indians favorites to win. They get 4/1 on sites like Bet365. That puts them just slightly clear of big rivals the Hyderabad Sunrisers at 9/2 and the Chennai Super Kings at 5/1. The Royal Challengers Bangalore get 7/1 with the Delhi Capitals at 11/2 and Kolkata Knight Riders at 13/2. Both the Kings XI Punjab and Rajastan Royals get 9/1, so perhaps don’t make them your chosen bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League.

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We take a look at why your bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League might not be null and void after all as the UAE steps up to the crease for cricket.

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