Wisconsin Cook Shows Us How To Be A Lottery Winner In Style

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How To Be A Lottery Winner

Progressive jackpot lotteries and their ilk have, over the years, given us many winners. Typically seen with an unfeasibly large cheque and champagne, they often appear pleased. Most often with themselves. They will then talk of their plans, for retirement and travel, to help out friends and family. Just how sincere this sounds is debatable. The money seeming to change dynamics more than fortune. However, just recently in Wisconsin, USA, Mr. Thomas Cook showed us all how to be a lottery winner.

So, I tried to imagine what would happen if my mother won the lottery. The mere flickering of a fraction of a second was all that I required. The glint in her eye as she realized just how much influence and control this might give her was terrifying. You get the impression this probably doesn’t just apply to my mother. The niceties of how to be a lottery winner seem to stop beyond the photo-op and press coverage. Tabloid horror stories spouting tales of over-monied woe.

There are the thugs that win and run amok. The families that destroy themselves with their winnings, or fight endless court cases over the ticket. Those that were already rich in the first place. As even the best lotto jackpot reviews will mention, lotteries aren’t discriminatory. Anyone can win. This means sometimes people who don’t know how to be a lottery winner take home the big prizes. That this leads to disaster should surprise absolutely no one at all, frankly.

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Fortunately, whilst many struggle with how to be a lottery winner and not end up negatively impacted by the money, some handle it with sheer grace and dignity. Mr. Thomas Cook of Mound Elk, Wisconsin, USA, is one of the latter. So, having played for many years, his numbers finally came up. He promptly retired from his employment and made plans to travel and spend more time with his family. This is par for the course. What isn’t is promptly giving half away.

Cindy Polzin – WI Lottery Director

“The power of friendship and a handshake has paid off. I’m thrilled for them. Their lucky day has arrived!”

So, I’m sure there have been others who’ve given to charity, or split it with those nearest to them. The best lottery jackpots will have seen all sorts of outcomes. However, Mr. Cook decided to make good on a promise made years ago with a friend. Joseph Feeny and he had shaken hands agreeing to split their winnings, should there be any, in 1992. So, until Cook won, they’d thought no more of it. However, if there’s an example of how to be a lottery winner with style, this is it.

How To Be A Lottery Winner
Hitting the jackpot is just the beginning of the story


Cook Demonstrates How To Be A Lottery Winner

It was quite the experience. When I read the first two or three numbers I kinda froze.” Admitted Cook. Which is entirely understandable. Giving up half of $22m, however, possibly isn’t. It’s something he explains quite simply, stating; “A handshake’s a handshake, man.” Which is true but still, when thrown under the spotlight of the modern cynical media, it appears somehow quaint. Are we really so surprised when someone actually knows how to be a lottery winner with style?

Thomas Cook

“A handshake’s a handshake, man.”

We can pursue what we feel comfortable with.” Said Cook sensibly. “I can’t think of a better way to retire.” If there’s a good example of how to be a lottery winner and retain a little sense of perspective this is it. Perhaps then this is something we should keep in mind as we look through Lotto Agent for the best jackpot to play this week. That we can’t just scoff at those who get the big win and fail, but that we have to remember those who get it right. Mr. Cook is such a man.

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We take a look at how to be a lottery winner and live up to the promises you made years ago.

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