Which Books Are the Best Bet on Miles Franklin Award 2018?

Out of the 6 books shortlisted to win the most prestigious literary award in Australia, which books should one bet on the Miles Franklin Award 2018?

2018 marks the 61st year that the will of Miles Franklin is realised. The author of My Brilliant Career helped finance an award recognising:

A novel which is of the highest literary merit and presents Australian life in any of its phases.”

On the 26th of August 2018, the Miles Franklin Award winner will be announced and given the prize money of 60,000 Australian dollars. So before this date, be sure to bet on the Miles Franklin Award 2018 winner using our online gambling directory in Australia.

Bet on the Miles Franklin Award 2018
The best bets for the Miles Franklin Award in 2018
  1. Storyland (11/1) by Catherine McKinnon

The first bet on Miles Franklin Award 2018 that you should consider is Storyland (11/1) by Catherine McKinnon. Granted that she is a relatively new author, but the content of McKinnon’s book fits the award criteria perfectly. Richard Neville, one of five in the judging panel, even implied so!

Neville said “The books take us back in time to consider the effects of the past, or address the issues of contemporary life, or give glimpses of an uncertain, even frightening future.” Is it a coincidence that Storyland also spans Australia’s history and predicts a dystopian future? We don’t think so!

McKinnon’s book starts off as a historical fiction in 1796. Then it skips through 6 different time periods ending in 2717! A book with this ambitious surely deserves the 2018 Miles Franklin Award!

  1. Taboo (9/2) by Kim Scott

The Miles Franklin Award 2018 betting odds are also favourable to Kim Scott. After all, he is the author of two books that have won the Miles Franklin Award. The first was for Benang in 2001, and the second for That Deadman Dance in 2011.

According to internet gambling sites in Australia, Scott’s Taboo has 9/2 odds of winning this year. Taboo weaves a story about an aboriginal massacre reflecting decolonisation. At the same time, the novel mixes a heavy topic with ghosts, phantoms and skeletons. Knowing this, do you think it’s possible for Scott to win a third Miles Franklin?

  1. Border Districts (6/5) by Gerald Murnane

The bookies’ favourite to win the Miles Franklin Award 2018 is Border Districts, written by Gerald Murnane. This is not surprising at all considering that Murnane could potentially win the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature.

The best online betting sites in Australia estimated the winning odds for Border Districts at 6/5. Border Districts is like an autobiography contemplating the past, life and death. The book is special in the sense that it has no plot. The 79 year-old author’s last novel is the best contender to win the 2018 Miles Franklin Award.

Bet on Miles Franklin Award 2018

  • Border Districts (6/5)
  • Taboo (9/2)
  • Storyland (11/1)

Border Districts (6/5), Taboo (9/2) and Storyland (11/1) are the best choices when betting on the Miles Franklin Award 2018. If you are still not convinced, you can check out the rest of the shortlisted books at 1xBet Sportsbook.

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