British Gambling Industry Sectors Representatives Form the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling

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Representatives of the five British gambling sectors form the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling.

Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) in the United Kingdom provides a framework for industry’s players to work together. Currently, five organizations working under British gambling laws are collaborating on various initiatives launched by the IGRG.

These five organizations represent each of the five United Kingdom gambling sectors. Their collaboration scope includes responsible gambling initiatives and programs. The organizations have recently provided a joint statement revealing their close ties and mutual effort in the very important matter.

Industry Group for Responsible Gambling and its members

The framework of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling provides a clear structure helping the industry’s representative. Facilitated by the IGRG, the organizations can better promote the socially responsible gambling in the country.

The IGRG and organization members build on the already-existing relationships and work flows. The framework provides them with a cross-sector forum allowing to investigate the matters together and find common interest with the three licensing objectives, which are outlined in the Gambling Act 2005 Section 1.

British gambling industry association formed a new body

• The Industry Group for Responsible Gambling brings together all 5 gambling sectors

• The Group will be promotion responsible gaming under British gambling laws

• Each member brings its own expertise for mutual benefit

The members of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling include British Amusement and Catering Trade Association, Association of British Bookmakers, National Casino Forum, Bingo Association, and the Remote Gambling Association.

These industry bodies represent their respective sectors’ players, who focus primarily on providing United Kingdom citizens with gambling opportunities. Each of the members bring their own expertise and understanding of business in their respective sectors.

IGRG plans

The first venture on the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling agenda is to carry out a stock-take exercise of various responsible gambling initiatives connected with both land-based and online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom among other gambling offerings.

In order to carry out the first plan the Group will investigate various companies, associations, and organizations, which have already been pro-active and successful in this area. The initial project will shed light on the good practices and provide an advice on how they can be shared across different sectors.

It will also gather all the information in one place, allowing future projects and decisions to be carried out together through the framework of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling.

The Group also plans to provide precedence to overseeing the review of the Gambling Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising. This has been put on the agenda after a request has been submitted by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Maria Miller MP.

Comments from the members

Chief Executive Officer of the Remote Gambling Association will be the first chairman of the organization, and the vice-chairman’s position will be taken by Tracy Damestani from the National Casino Forum.

Here’s what Damestani had to share with British gambling news: “There is an enormous amount of work being done by companies and the various trade bodies. Formalizing our relationships and looking at the work across all the sectors should ensure that we deliver the best and safest products across the industry.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Association of British Bookmakers, Dirk Vennix, commented: “When we launched our new Code for Responsible Gambling and Player Protection in October 2013 we wanted to make a difference to customers who are at risk of problem gambling and we are confident we will. We hope this group will build on the learnings from the ABB’s Code and form a hub for ground-breaking cross-sector initiatives in the future.”

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