British Online Casinos Feel Much Safer With Hunter From Experian

Experian presented the latest version of its anti-fraud system preventing online casino crooks from stealing money.

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The renowned British online software company, Experian, launched a new version of its popular Hunter software. It’s a highly sophisticated online fraud prevention system, aimed among others to prevent data theft from online casinos in United Kingdom.

The latest version comes with upgraded refinements to the data-sharing function, which drastically improved the efficiency and effectiveness of anti-fraud operations for the operators, which comply with British gambling laws.

The innovation focuses primarily on the Hunter’s functions connected with anti-fraud investigation and collaboration options, bringing over thirty new features. According to United Kingdom gambling news the new features include among others integration with Google Maps and auto-completion of fraud submissions to CIFAS.

The spokesman for Experian told the media: “The integration of Google Maps into Hunter allows fraud investigators to see how the addresses on a number of connected applications relate to each other geographically, through the use of its Street View, Satellite and Standard map views.”

The company added: “This will, for example, enable investigators to spot geographic connections that are not obvious from the data, such as potential fraud collaboration between residents of neighboring properties located on different streets, and to ensure that commercial properties are not passed off as domestic residences.”

Another new feature is the CIFAS Autofile functionality, which will allow Hunter users to automatically fill fraud submissions to CIFAS with the needed information. This option will minimize the time used to enter the duplicated data and can potentially reduce filing time by 80 percent, drastically improving efficiency and almost completely reducing the human error margin.

UK director of identity and fraud operations at Experian, Nick Mothershaw, commented: “The enhancements Experian has made to Hunter will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of anti-fraud capabilities with additional tools for investigation and even greater collaboration.”

He added: “We have enabled users to better understand the location of potentially fraudulent applications with a single click within the Hunter environment and to share fraud intelligence far more easily.”

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