Singapore Sees no Change in Gambling Habits

Singapore is all okay, as gambling habits haven't changed since casinos became legal

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A National Council on Problem Gaming survey on Singapore’s gamblers has revealed that the amount of problematic and pathological gamblers problems have remained stable, since the introduction of two integrated resort casinos in the country, Singapore gambling news reports.

Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands opened two years ago in the country, and during this time over 3,315 Singaporean gamblers have been quizzed about their gambling habits. According to online gambling news in Singapore, whilst the number of pathological gamblers fluttered around the 1.3 percent mark, which is practically stable; the number of problem gamers drop from 1.7 percent to 1.2 percent.

Whilst the drop isn’t significant enough to make waves, it has shown that despite official regulation of the two casinos, little difference has been made, either controlling the amount of gambling issues, or having them spiraling out of control.

The Singaporean gambling laws implement measures to prevent locals from gambling at the casinos, such as handed them a S$100 daily entry fee to wager, although following the initial interest the casinos attracted when opened, local gamblers appear to have waned. Marina Bay Sands have even reported a drop of 50% in local gamers over two years.

internet gambling in Singapore is also in decline. Of the 54% of Singaporean adults who admitted to gambling in some form in 2008, only 47% of adults have admitted they still continue to gamble, according to research from the National Council of Problem Gaming.

The casinos have still made profits however, with the influx of Chinese men frequenting the casinos whilst visiting the country. As well as identifying the number of problem gamers and local customers gambling, the study also showed that the average monthly bet for wealthy gamblers has risen from $619 to $1,713. Research shows that average bets rose from $176 to $212, whilst median bets fell from $100 to $48, all in the four space period, starting in 2008.

It isn’t all good news in Singapore though, as it is rumored that the preventative measure to ensure Singaporeans don’t frequent the casinos, which rely mostly on tourists, are pushing the locals elsewhere.

Roughly $357m was taken from Singaporean gamblers last year alone, an increase from $312m when the casinos first opened in 2010, and $271m the year prior to that, with online sportsbooks Betfair and Ladbrokes the number one target for internet gamblers in Singapore.

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