Bundesliga 2 Outright Odds: Who Will Win Promotion for Bundesliga?

Bundesliga 2 Outright Odds

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What are the best sites to bet on Bundesliga 2 in Germany? Who are the best teams in Bundesliga 2? Where to find the best Bundesliga 2 outright odds? Let us help you find all the answer in connection with Bundesliga 2 betting!

Online sportsbook news in Germany are all writing about the new Bundesliga 2 season as it is about to kick off as of 4 August. However, before the first matchday of the 2. Bundesliga is played, we better take a look at the best sites that offer Bundesliga 2 outright odds!

Who will win promotion to Bundesliga?

Bet on Bundesliga 2 winner!

  • Bet on Ingolstadt to win: 5.00
  • Bet on Union Berlin to win: 6.00
  • Bet on Braunschweig to win: 6.50
  • Bet on Darmstadt to win: 7.00
  • Bet on Nurnberg to win: 16.00
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The Bundesliga 2 tournament is about to kick off this weekend, which means you have yet another chance to make money betting on football. Let’s get straight to the point: if you don’t want to waste your time betting on each and every match of the season, you should try to bet on Bundesliga 2 outright odds. But where does one find the best odds to bet on Bundesliga 2 winner in Germany?

Well, one of the several online sportsbook sites in Germany stands out when it comes to placing a bet on Bundesliga 2 winner in 2018: Unibet Sportsbook offers the best outright odds for Bundesliga 2. They regard newly relegated Ingolstadt to be the biggest favourites to win Bundesliga 2. If you agree with them, you can bet on Ingolstadt to win Bundesliga 2 for 5.00.

However, if you’d rather bet on the other freshly relegated team, you can bet on Darmstadt to win Bundesliga 2 for 7.00. They are not really among the biggest favourites. The Bundesliga 2 outright odds for Union Berlin are quite convincing: 6.00. Can another team from the capital city make it to the Bundesliga?


Can they make it again?

Another one of the favourites according to Bundesliga 2 outright odds is Braunschweig. They finished third last season and they lost both playoffs to Vfl Wolfsburg to 1-0, so Wolfsburg stayed in Bundesliga and Braunschweig stayed in Bundesliga 2. Which gives them yet another opportunity to win promotion. And they would love to make it happen…

Bet on Bundesliga 2 promotion!

Who will win promotion to Bundesliga?

  • Bet on Ingolstadt to win promotion: 2.20
  • Bet on Union Berlin to win promotion: 2.20
  • Bet on Braunschweig to win promotion: 2.75
  • Bet on Darmstadt to win promotion: 3.00
  • All odds can be found at Betway Sportsbook

Bundesliga 2 outright odds to promotion predict pretty much the same teams: You can bet on Ingolstadt, Union Berlin, Braunschweig and Darmstadt to win promotion. The best site to bet on Bundesliga 2 in Germany is without a doubt Betway Spotrsbook: this is where you can bet on the teams to win promotion.

If you are more for some surprises, you can of course bet on the underdogs. Do you think Bochum will find its way back to next season’s Bundesliga? Your odds are 9.00. Can Dynamo Dresden make it? Bet on Dresden to win promotion for 7.00. The odds for Kaiserslautern to win promotion are also 9.00.

Those and other terrific Bundesliga 2 outright odds can be found easily at Betway Sportsbook. Don’t forget to check out the latest review about Betway Sportsbook before signing up for a new account and taking advantage of the awesome Bundesliga 2 outright odds!

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