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Posted: June 30, 2020

Updated: August 4, 2020

  • Austria has a monopoly system for the online gambling
  • Most of the pan-European lotteries are allowed in Austria
  • EuroMillions is one of the most popular lotteries in Austria

Despite somewhat stricter than average gambling laws in Austria, lotteries are still a favorite game of many in the country. While there are many lotto games the residents can choose from, the choice is not that wide-ranged for the online lotteries in Austria. But you can buy Osterreichiesche lotterien tickets online.

Austria is the only country in European Union that carries out the monopoly system for online casino games. The joint venture of Osterreichiesche lotterien and Casinos Austria is currently holding the only license to hold online lotteries. Casinos Austria is the giant in the market of land casinos while Osterreichiesche manages the online casinos of Austria.

Being the sole holder of the online casinos in Austria’s license, Osterreichiesche lotterien is the giant of the market, no doubt. They offer a total of 11 gambling games along with a handful of video games and sports betting games.

Where to buy the Osterreichiesche lotterien tickets online?

Even though you can buy Osterreichiesche lotterien tickets from most of the online gambling sites in Austria, our recommendation is 1xBET Lottery. Not only this where you can legally participate in your favorite lotteries, you don’t have to worry about your privacy here.

Buy Osterreichiesche Lotterien Tickets Online
What’s your lucky number?

Since you’re trusting the site with your sensitive financial information when playing lottery, safety of them should be a priority. 1xBET Lottery knows exactly that, and made sure that your information is as safe as possible. The generous welcome bonuses and promotions are always a plus too. You can check your eligibility in the welcome bonuses by reading a review about 1xBET Lottery from our site.

Lotto 6 aus 45

Lotto 6 aus 45 or 6 out of 45 is one of the most popular lottery games in Austria. They have introduced the game in 1982, making it one of the earliest legal lotteries of the country. Ever since the huge success of the first game, the game hasn’t lost neither its popularity nor the attraction in the public. People eager to participate in the game are searching for ways to buy Osterreichiesche lotterien tickets online.

What makes the game most exciting is that it perfectly suits the Austrian demography. The organizers have carefully drawn out the number of top, mid-range and low-range prizes, in a way that the largest possible number of people will be satisfied with the results.

The format of the game is pretty similar to the Powerball. The players will choose 6 numbers out of 45, and get prizes depending on how well they have matched the numbers. Or online lottery sites in Austria offer a possibility of automatic choice, where the numbers are randomly drawn out for you. The highest prize of the lottery has reached almost 15 million euros. One extremely lucky guy from Lower Austria has hit the jackpot in 2018.


EuroMillions is not only one of the largest lottery games in Europe, but also in the world. The game is currently available in 13 European countries. Even though the operator of this game is French, you need to buy Osterreichiesche lotterien ticket online to participate from Austria. Almost all of the online lotto sites in Austria offer EuroMillions tickets.

Buy Osterreichiesche Lotterien Tickets Online
Let’s play!

The reason why EuroMillions was such a great success in Austria is the prize money. Throughout their history, the lottery has given out jackpot prizes of over 185 million euros. They’ve introduced the cap of 190 million euros later on. The prize money of each week rolls over to the next week’s prize until it reaches the cap. Once it exceeds 190 million, the prize is divided and given to the winners of that week. Another reason why people tend to buy Osterreichiesche lotterien tickets to play this lotto is the odds. There is 1 in 13 odds of winning any kind of prize. This number is higher than the majority of the other lotteries.

Toto and Torwette

Lotteries and scratch cards are not the only reasons to buy Osterreichiesche lotterien tickets online. The lottery organizations of Austria has prepared something for everyone, and they haven’t forgotten the sport fans. Toto and Torwette are sports betting game where the players predict the outcome of a football game. As with any other sports betting, we’d recommend 1xBET sportsbook if you’re planning on buying on tickets for this. We’ve already introduced you to the 1xBET Lottery for the lotto games, and the sportsbook’s quality of the site is the same as that one, if not better. Read a more thorough review about the 1xBET sportsbook from our site.

For the Toto, the players predict the outcome of the 13 matches out of 18. The first five games are automatically while the players can choose the remaining eight. Then the prize is given out for those with 10, 11, 12 or 13 right predictions. So in order to get a better shot at the prize, it’s best to choose the matches that you know the best.

You can discover more about 1xBet Lottery here.

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