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  • Strange Urban Legends Of Luck Surround Akihiro Miwa
  • Lotto Agent Could Have Your Winning Lottery Numbers
  • Ministry Of Finance Run Receipt Lottery Proves Popular
Winning Lottery Numbers

We all have our talismans. Something we consider lucky. A charm. A trinket. Something with sentimental value perhaps. Some of us have lucky numbers, letters, or colors. Naturally, we tend to lean on these emblems of hope when entering progressive jackpot lotteries or similar game. However from the Far East comes a new strange totem of good fortune. Apparently, if you want to hit the winning lottery numbers, you just need a good picture of a Japanese transvestite. 

Stevie Wonder may once sang that ‘superstition ain’t the way’ but try telling that to the Taiwanese Ministry of Finance. They suggest that punters in their own lottery should put a particular background on their phones to gain extra luck. Technophobes and conspiracy theorists will see this as a sign of the apocalypse. People using cutting-edge technology to indulge in delusionary ancient concepts of arbitrary good luck hoping to get the winning lottery numbers? 

You can see their point. We all hoped these silly superstitions would die off, eclipsed by the techno-revolution. Old wives tales and daft beliefs swept aside by the information super highway. Unfortunately, they have simply evolved to incorporate it. So you can still try to influence your luck as you seek the best lottery to play on Lotto Agent. Indeed some lotteries actually suggest people are more likely to hit the winning lottery numbers if they indulge in a little superstition. 

Taiwan Ministry Run Savvy Receipt Based Lottery 

Now, the more realistic among you will instantly spot marketing at work. You’ll perhaps see this as just another tactic from a lottery trying to sell more tickets. However, this isn’t a piece of sloganeering from a profiteer. This comes from the Ministry Of Finance in Taiwan, a body not typically known for its sense of humor. Not only did they suggest you’re more likely to get the winning lottery numbers in their own lottery if you’re superstitious, they suggested one to use.

Not just any superstition either. They suggested a new one. One that was born in cyberspace, and has now spread internationally within it. Akihiro Miwa is a well know Japanese singer, actor and drag queen. Precisely what makes possessing an image of Akihiro Miwa on your phone as a background lucky is a mystery. Most of the best lotto jackpot reviews will tell you it’s just a rather odd urban legend. So how could it help you get the winning lottery numbers in Taiwan?

Winning Lottery Numbers
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Find The Winning Lottery Numbers At Lotto Agent

Well this is just another example of the Taiwanese Ministry of Finance boxing clever. They established their receipt lottery as an incentive for small businesses and their customers. Each receipt has a number, there’s a draw and the receipts owner wins. Simple. So businesses are encouraged, often by their own customers, to put things through the till rather than under the table. So hitting the winning lottery numbers in Taiwan is as easy and making a purchase.

“I am the reincarnation of Pikachu. That’s why my hair is yellow, you see.”

  • Akihiro Miwa

Not a purchase of a ticket, just any purchase. You merely have to ensure you get and keep your receipt. Then you are in line for one of the best lottery jackpots anywhere outside Lotto Agent. So, when they suggest patrons use a picture of Akihiro Miwa to get the winning lottery numbers it’s not a callous marketing tool. This is actually smart government. Whilst others may rely on age-old tactics, these guys are leveraging both a traditional lottery and modern unorthodox myths. 


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We take a look at how the Taiwanese Ministry of Finance has some unorthodox advice for hitting the winning lottery numbers. 

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