Camelot Seeks to Have Changes Implemented in Public Lottery in UK

Public Lottery in UK

Following the government and UK Gambling Commission Committee hearing on the lottery sector a report has been published with advisory changes.

A UK National Lottery operator, Camelot, has indicated to the UK’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) office that it would like to see a number of changes implemented, in order to improve online gambling activities in the lotteries industry across the United Kingdom. Camelot cited three actions that it would like to see implemented that would foster improvement in the UK lotteries market.

Camelot wants to do away with the interdiction of wagering on lotteries either online or in shops. This it perceives as an evasion which has operators offering bets on the EuroMillions draw. The report specifies that products, which may have slipped passed the the Gambling Act, and which amount to betting on the outcome of a lottery, should be regulated, under UK gambling laws as well. It has also asked that a restriction on bets on the National Lottery cover all lotteries that are licensed in the UK.

Camelot wants to help befuddled consumers.

The online gaming operator also pointed out that some high street bookmakers labeled their products as a ‘bet’ based on the outcome of lotteries. However Camelot feels that all products that ‘offer bets on lotteries or lottery-type draws’, through mobile betting or otherwise, should be marketed exclusively on the basis that they are bets and should include the word ‘bet’ in their title, instead of ‘lotto’ or ‘lottery’, in order to avoid confusion among wagers.

Camelot also suggested the re-interpretation of all wagers placed on lotteries. ‘Pure lotteries’ would be categorized under both betting and lotteries as stipulated in the Gambling Act 2005. Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in the UK, Sajid Javid, has revealed that a number of new gambling commissioners have been appointed to oversee the regulatory processes in the UK market.

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