You Can Bet on the Name of Christian Eriksen’s Baby


Posted: June 21, 2018

Updated: June 21, 2018

The football star’s son has already brought some luck to the Danish team. Here are some stats to orient those who want to try their luck by betting on the name of Christian Eriksen’s baby

Christian Eriksen was not the only one getting excited when his wife Sabrina Kvist Jensen gave birth to their first child. Danish football fans also had their share of celebrating. They even placed bets on the name of Christian Eriksen’s baby when online betting sites in Denmark noticed the level of interest in the Danish football player’s son.

Eriksen stepped on the pitch three days after the child’s birth and converted his joy into memorable football feats. Playing a friendly against Mexico wearing shoes on which he wrote his son’s birth date, the star gave an assist and then scored a goal. This drew even more attention to the baby who seems to have brought good luck to the Danish team.

What do the stats suggest?

Eriksen and his wife are not the types to choose an eccentric name. The football player has described himself as a down-to-earth person off the field: “I am just a normal dude from a small town in Denmark. My feet are on the ground.”

For that reason, it is worth keeping an eye on what name other normal dudes in Denmark tend to pick. Official statistics indicate that William is the most popular male given name in the country. At Unibet Sportsbook, that name is one of the highest-ranked options and promises a 10.00 increase.

The bookies’ favorite is the Biblical-sounding Noah, which is another popular name in Denmark (the fourth most common, to be precise). However, Celebrity Unfold reports that Eriksen is not religious, which somewhat decreases the chances that the Eriksens would pick this name. The official betting odds for Noah are 6.00.

Some fans are also betting on the name of Christian Eriksen’s baby to be Lionel (50.00) in what seems to be a tribute to Lionel Messi. Unfortunately, Eriksen has little reason to make such a gesture to Messi, who reportedly circumvented the Danish player’s transfer to Barcelona. (Messi wanted to ensure Philippe Coutinho’s acquisition even at the cost of forcing his team to postpone signing Eriksen, who was seen as a cost-efficient replacement for Andres Iniesta.)

Place a bet on the name of Christian Eriksen’s baby

Do you also think the child will be called William Eriksen or is your intuition suggesting another name? You can check out what other Eriksen fans are placing money on at Unibet Sportsbook.

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