Can Leicester City Win The Champions League? – Overview for Wednesday’s Matches

Leicester City Champions League Winning Odds

Wednesday night will bring us the last set of the Champions League Round of 16’s first legs. Two great derbies are to be watched all around the Globe: Legendary goalkeepers Iker Casillas meets his childhood hero Gianluigi Buffon once again at Porto v Juventus, while Leicester City are visiting Andalucia in hopes of keeping up the dreams against Sevilla. Will Juventus qualify easily? Can Leicester City win the Champions League? Let’s take a look at what online betting news in the UK expect from the tiny English team.

While sports betting sites predict Juventus to be the favourites against Porto, their task might not be so easy after all. The Italian side will play the first leg in Portugal, winning there would be a huge achievement. The odds for Juventus to win are (5/4) at 32Red Sportsbook. The odds for Porto to win at home are 3.82 (141/50) at Marathonbet, which proves that they are the underdogs. However, betting on the underdog in football is not always a bold move…

Can Porto qualify for the next round?

You might as well ask “Can Porto beat Juventus?”, but the answer will be the same to both questions: Yes, yes of course they can! In fact, Porto won’t even need to beat Juventus in order to qualify for the next round. They just need more goals in Turin than what they concede in Porto and reach a draw on aggregation. That’s it, football is not atomic science.

If you want to bet on Porto to qualify, you should join Betway. The odds for Porto to enter the next round are 3.50 (5/2) here, while those for Juventus are only 1.29 (2/7) according to one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the UK. However, those who want to bet on the first leg only, shall find the most interesting betting lines at Bet365. Which half will bring more goals? What will be the Correct Score? Which players will score a goal? Bet on these as well as many other markets!

Can Leicester City beat Sevilla?

Well if we look at this from the one side, it will be a battle between last season’s Premier League winner and the 4th placed in La Liga. Most of the times, the Premier League winner would be the clear favourites for such a game. However, there are other factors to consider this year: Leicester City’s victory was a one in a million times miracle and will not be repeated any time soon.

They are also struggling this season, and it is likely that they will even be relegated from the Premier League: they are in the 17th position; only 1 point ahead of 18th placed Hull City and 2 points ahead of Crystal Palace and Sunderland. Online sportsbooks already lost hope in Leicester City’s season regarding the Premier League, but they might give everything in their power to go as far as possible in the Champions League.

Can Leicester City win the Champions League?

That is very unlikely. Even if they did manage to qualify for the next wound – for which, their odds are 3.40 (12/5) at NetBet – they’d still probably have to face even stronger sides like Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. While betting on Leicester City to win Champions League seems like a bold move as of today, those who like to bet on the impossible might actually enjoy such a bet.

For this betting line, your best to do is join Bet365, where the outright Champions League winner odds for Leicester City are 81.00 (80/1). Forever-optimistic Catalan fans might want to use the 34.00 (33/1) BetVictor odds for Barcelona to win Champions League. After their terrific performance in Paris, it is just as likely as Leicester City’s Champions League victory.

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