Who Will Replace Wenger? – Odds For Next Arsenal Manager

Arsenal New Manager Wenger Replacement

Bayern Munich trashed their English opponent in the Champions League and it lead to many rumours in online betting news in the UK. Will this force Arsenal to find a new manager? Who will replace Wenger? Who would

Football experts keep arguing for years whether or not Arsene Wenger still has anything to offer to modern football. His time is over and it is proven the best by last season’s Premier League: even in a year where every English football team is like a random Scottish second division team – no offense to Scottish football fans – Arsenal were still incapable of winning the Premier League, Leicester City were far better than them.

When will Arsene Wenger retire?

Apparently the man has no self criticism. After the humiliating 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich, Arsene Wenger started talking about his future. Well, the Frenchman said he will not retire at the end of the season, however, he was not sure whether he was going to continue at the Gunners or is he finally going to resign. Online sportsbooks in the UK are now guessing who will replace Wenger.

Who will replace Wenger?

There are many likely candidates. One of the main favourites for the position of the new Arsenal manager is Dortmund’s Thomas Tuchel. His odds to replace Arsene Wenger are 11.00 (10/1) according to BetVictor. Some other candidates you can bet on are Joachim Löw, Massimiliano Allegri, Rafa Benitez as well as Barcelona’s Luis Enrique, who is also on the edge of being sacked. Their odds are 15.00 (14/1), 4.50 (7/2), 13.00 (12/1) and 21.00 (20/1) respectively.

Following the successful story of Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola and Real Madrid’s Zidane, Arsenal might also be keen on replacing the current manager with a former club legend. The odds for Patrick Vieira to become the new manager at Arsenal are 17.00 (16/1), while those for Thierry Henry are 26.00 (25/1) at Paddy Power.

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