Can The Paroli System Help You Win More At Online Casinos?


Posted: May 30, 2024

Updated: May 30, 2024

In truth all betting systems, be they the Paroli or Martingale are nothing more than a delusional side show for gamblers who don't understand how casinos and casino games really work. Obviously, if any of these betting systems worked, all casinos would be out of business.

Ever want to ride a winning streak to the maximum? The Paroli system is a betting strategy designed for that exact situation. It’s a positive progression system. This means you increase your bets after wins to capitalise on hot streaks.

This guide dives into everything Paroli:

  • What it is and how it works
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Applying it to popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, and more!
  • Let’s learn how to turn those lucky wins into a bigger payday!

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How The Paroli System Works

The Paroli system, named after the Latin term “par” meaning “equal,” takes inspiration from the concept of par in golf. In other words, it’s aiming for that ideal score. In the casino, it translates to doubling your bet after each win. This remains true whether it’s a blackjack hand, a roulette spin, or a craps roll. It’s a strategy that targets even-money bets. For example, red/black in roulette or pass/don’t pass in craps, where the house edge is minimal.

Paroli stands out as an alternative to popular systems like D’Alembert, Martingale, and Fibonacci. Notably, it’s the opposite of the Martingale, which increases bets after losses. These systems all guide your wagering on bets with near-equal odds of winning. However, Paroli leans towards a more aggressive approach. While it capitalises on winning streaks by doubling your stake, it avoids the risky behaviour of chasing losses seen in other strategies. The core principle? Secure three consecutive wins. This applies regardless of the game – Paroli system roulette, blackjack, baccarat, or craps – you double your bet with each win. But reset to your starting stake if you lose or hit that sweet spot of three victories.

Manage Your Casino Bankroll

Before diving into the casino with the Paroli system at one of the top online casino sites in the UK like Bet365 Casino, we suggest you establish a proper bankroll. As a base, this should be a set amount you’re comfortable with potentially losing. Unlike some strategies, the good news is that the Paroli doesn’t require a massive bankroll. As you can imagine, this makes it popular with casual players. Here’s how to prepare:

Paroli system
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  • Bankroll Breakdown – Allocate a percentage of your bankroll as your base unit bet. Let’s use $10 as an example.
  • Starting Small – Place your first bet for $10. Is it a win? Great! Double your stake to $20 for the next bet.
  • Riding the Streak – Another win? Double down again to $40 for bet number three. Win all three? Congratulations! You’ve achieved a successful Paroli sequence. Reset and start again with your $10 base unit.
  • Bouncing Back from Losses – Did a hand go sour? No worries! The Paroli system avoids chasing losses. Simply reset and place your next bet back at your initial $10 unit.

According to online casino news in the UK, the key advantage of Paroli is its focus on capitalising on winning streaks without getting caught up in chasing losses. By keeping your base unit bet after each loss, you avoid building significant deficits.

The Reverse Martingale

The Paroli system is often nicknamed the “reverse Martingale” for a reason. While the Martingale, a negative progression system, has you double your bet after every loss (hoping to recoup your losses eventually), Paroli takes the opposite approach. It’s a positive progression system, This is where you double your bet after each win, aiming to ride a winning streak. This style appeals to players who enjoy momentum. They like the feeling of progressively upping their bets and potentially scoring bigger wins. However, the Paroli keeps hold of a layer of caution. Instead of chasing an ever-growing win streak, you reset back to your base unit after three consecutive wins. This prevents you from getting overly aggressive and risking large sums of money.

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Pros And Cons Of The Paroli System

Now, let’s delve into the pros and cons of the Paroli system to see if it aligns with your betting style.


  • Budget-Friendly: Unlike some systems that require massive bets to chase losses, Paroli keeps your base unit bet after losses, making it easier on your bankroll.
  • Table Limit Friendly: Paroli avoids exceeding table limits, unlike some systems that skyrocket your bet size during losing streaks. With Paroli, losing streaks are smaller and less dramatic.
  • Simplicity is Key: The Paroli system is refreshingly easy. Forget complex sequences! It’s simply double your bet on wins, go back to base units on losses. This keeps you focused on the game, not calculations.
  • Bankroll Management Boost: Paroli encourages you to plan your bankroll allocation and avoid impulsive betting. This gives you more control over your gameplay and extends your time at the table.
  • Riding the Hot Streak: Paroli capitalises on winning streaks, which can be a moral booster and add excitement to the game. Unlike negative progression systems, Paroli lets you enjoy your wins instead of chasing losses.
  • Profitable Potential: By limiting wins to three bets in a row, Paroli protects your profits. You won’t lose everything by doubling again and losing on the fourth bet. This approach offers the potential for consistent small wins.


  • Mentally Tough During Slumps: Paroli doesn’t chase losses, so you might face extended losing periods even after a winning streak. This can be mentally taxing for some players.
  • House Edge Always Wins: Like any system, Paroli can’t overcome the casino’s built-in house edge advantage.
  • Capping Winning Streaks: Paroli only capitalises on streaks of three wins. Imagine a five-win streak – you’d earn 10x your base unit. But by doubling every win, you could earn 31x! Paroli takes a more conservative approach.

  • Losses Can Add Up: A string of small losses can eventually outweigh the gains from a seven-unit winning streak (needed to recoup losses). Remember, winning streaks aren’t guaranteed in any system.

Blackjack As An Example Of The Paroli Betting System

Imagine yourself at the blackjack table and you’re ready to test the Paroli system. You’ll find that blackjack’s a perfect fit for Paroli thanks to its low house edge. Classic blackjack and many variations boast an RTP (Return to Player) exceeding 99%, meaning you have roughly a 50/50 shot of winning each hand.

Here’s how Paroli plays out in the thrilling world of blackjack:

  • Prep is Key: Set aside a comfortable bankroll and choose a base unit bet. Let’s say you go with $20 per unit.
  • First Steps: Place your initial $20 bet. Win that hand? Great! Now, double your stake to $40 for the next hand.
  • Riding the Wave: Another win? Double down again to $80 for hand number three.
  • Three’s a Charm: Win three hands in a row? Congratulations! You’ve achieved a successful Paroli sequence. Here’s the key – regardless of the outcome, you always reset and start fresh with your $20 base unit bet.
  • Bouncing Back: Did a hand go south? No worries! The beauty of Paroli is it avoids chasing losses. Simply reset and place your next bet back at your initial $20 unit.
  • The goal? String together three winning hands. These wins will ideally cancel out any single losses you encountered, leaving you with a profit. Remember, Paroli is a positive progression system, capitalising on short winning streaks, not losses.

Don’t forget the extra earning potential within blackjack itself! Scoring a Blackjack with its juicy 50% bonus payout, doubling down, or even splitting aces all contribute to the overall RTP and won’t disrupt your Paroli strategy. Just focus on making smart blackjack decisions while Paroli amplifies your winning moments.


While the Paroli system can’t overcome the house edge in casino games, utilising available online casino promotions can significantly boost your bankroll and extend your playtime at an online casino like Bet365 Casino. These bonuses, often doubling your initial deposit, effectively lengthen your gameplay and theoretically increase your odds of winning streaks that the Paroli system capitalises on. However, remember these bonuses typically come with restrictions and aren’t available at traditional casinos.

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