Can You Bet On England To Beat Slovakia This Time Round?

England vs. Slovakia

We’d all like to be able to bet on England to win the 2018 World Cup, they’d be a super cup winner, but given their recent performances that seems unlikely, so has their new manager not gone far enough in making changes to the side that failed to beat Iceland in France this summer? Can you really back England to beat Slovakia this weekend or will the smart money be on an unimpressive draw……again?

England’s miserable performance at the Euro 2016 tournament led to the departure of their manager Roy Hodgeson and his replacement by Sam Allardyce, and if those of you that like to bet on sports in the UK feel this is merely exchanging someone who looks like a driving instructor for someone that looks like they should be organizing a large scale gold bullion theft, you may well be right, certainly little else seems likely to change, but as the side faces off against Slovakia should you bet on England?

England vs. Slovakia

  • odds at Bet365
  • England – 11/1
  • Slovakia – 13/5
  • Draw – 11/5

Having saved Sunderland from relegation perhaps it was felt he could save England, but there’s already signs that the new broom is failing to get rid of some of the left over detritus the side no longer needs, and whilst you can always bet on England to retain at least one useless cart horse because the manager feels that everyone knowing their name somehow equates with ability on the pitch, do we really still need to put up with Wayne Rooney now? Haven’t we seen enough of this potato-headed Jonah?

England football 2016

England hopes to perform better than they did at the Euro 2016 this weekend (photo:

Bet On England At Bet365 This Weekend

If you were in the UK gambling news of the new England captain being announced would herald a new era in strategy, tactics, attitude and personnel, the fact that Wayne Rooney got the nod from the current resident of the “toxic tracksuit” is a demonstration of just how limited the England manager is by the rabid UK tabloid press. They would hound Allardyce from the job if England lost against Slovakia without Rooney on the pitch, alas you can probably bet on England to lose just as badly with him there.

1st World Cup Qualifier

  • UEFA Group f
  • England vs. Slovakia
  • Sunday 4th September
  • Stadion Antona Malatinskeho

The reasons for having some long experienced players around are obvious, but when all that experience has been of losing, why tarnish a new attitude side with the stench of the old failures? Of course there’s a chance that Rooney will grow into the captaincy under Allardyce, become a more thoughtful play-maker, but I wouldn’t bet on England being so lucky, and the chances are the petulant attention seeker with a face like a vegetable that needs mashing will be just as incapable as he was at Euro 2016.

Is A Draw The Smart Bet When England Play Slovakia?

Now naturally England are favorites to win on Sunday, bookies like Bet365 are quoting odds in the region of 11/10 for them to do so, and those are only drifting slightly at news of Rooney’s continued captaincy, whilst the Slovakia side gets 13/5 reflecting that their record of late consists of just two wins, two draws and two losses, and whilst on paper it looks like you can safely bet on England, taking full advantage of UK gambling laws to do so, you might want to remember the last time these two played.

Slovakia football 2016

Slovakia has had a mediocre 2-2 record over their past four games (photo:

That game, back in the later half of June, saw the pair stumble to a draw, England’s second of the group stage in Euro 2016, and the game that set up England for their useless performance against Iceland. A draw between these two sides, at Bet365, is getting 11/5 and that’s not a bad bet either. Allardyce might appear to be capable of staging an armed blag on a security van but I think he’ll need to make more sweeping changes if he wants to get results long term, and that will definitely include ditching Rooney.

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