Carlo Ancelotti Becomes The New Bayern Manager From Next Season

New Bayern manager

Former Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid manager Carlos Ancelotti has been named officially as the new Bayern manager. The Italian will replace Pep Guardiola as soon as his contract expires.

Pep Guardiola
’s contract with Bayern Munich is going to expire as soon as this season is over. However, the directive board did not hesitate too much in finding his replacement. online gambling sites in Germany reported that the new Bayern manager has already been found as Carlo Ancelotti has accepted to take over the Bavarian club.

Can Ancelotti’s side be even better than that of Pep’s?


How will Ancelotti stack up against Guardiola? (Photo: BBC)

The answer seems to be a strong yes, as of today. Pep Guardiola’s team has been dominating Germany, they really have no challenger within any domestic tournaments. They are also among the top teams in Europe as they made it to the Champions League semi-finals on both occasions with Guardiola and they have high chances of going at least that far once again.

However, the odds of online sportsbooks in Germany were in favour of Bayern Munich being able to show their class against Barcelona and Real Madrid in the semi-finals in 2013 and 2014, yet his side was humiliated on both occasions. Barcelona trashed them with an aggregated result of 7-0, while Real won 0-4 in Allianz Arena after winning 1-0 at Bernabéu.

Considering this, we might not be taking such a great risk at predicting an ever greater team for the new Bayern manager. José Mourinho spent 3 year at Real Madrid, being knocked out in the semi-finals on all 3 occasions. When Ancelotti took over his team, he made it to the final and won it in the first year. Could he do the same in Germany? I guess we’ll see it in a bit more than a year.

Will history repeat itself?


Will it be Heynckes all over again? (Photo: Sued Deutsche)

Probably fanatic football fans still remember that year when Jupp Heynckes was at the helm of Bayern Munich. His contract was about to expire and the directive board of the Bavarian side announced in the middle of the season that his contract is not going to be renewed. He will be replaced by the former boss of the most successful FC Barcelona: Pep Guardiola.

His story is incredibly similar to what is happening now and how Guardiola will be replaced by Ancelotti. The Catalan’s farewell has been officially declared in December, in the middle of the season. The Heynckes team reacted in the best possible way that a manager could ever wish for. They won the treble with a series of incredible performances throughout the season.

The same thing could happen with the Pep side this year as well. They are clear favourites in the Bundesliga as well as in the German Cup. In addition, the most popular online sportsbooks believe they are strong enough to win the Champions League as well. For example, Bet365 has given odds of 3.75 (11/4) for Guardiola’s men for claiming victory in the prestigious tournament.

Guardiola’s future plans are still unknown


Guardiola could replace Pellegrini (Photo: MCFC)

Meanwhile, as we know for a fact that the Bavarian team will not have any problems finding the new Bayern manager, we still know nothing about the future of Pep Guardiola. According to the English press, he might be the replacement for Manuel Pellegrini at the helm of Manchester City, but the city-rival Red Devils are also interested in capturing the big fish of the managerial world, since their calculations with Louis Van Gaal seem to have been completely wrong.

Whether he will choose the prestigious club over the one in a better state, it is a question of time and nobody else but he can know it for sure. He might take another rest again, just like he did after leaving Barcelona before joining FC Bayern. We can know only one thing for sure: wherever he decides to go in the end, huge expectations will circle both him and his team.

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