Swedish Boxing Has A New Hope For 2016

Swedish boxing

Skoglund For A Belt Fight?
• Erik Skoglund beats Edwards
• Title fight in the New Year?
• Nisse Sauerland hints at it.

If you like to bet on sports in Sweden you’re probably only too well aware of the almost constant barrage of stories that speculate on the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic but he’s not the only Swede whose 2016 hangs in the balance, and if Nisse Sauerland has anything to do with it at least one of them in going to move on up to bigger and better things in the new year, which is good news for Swedish boxing.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
must by now be wondering himself where he’d due to play in what the media have termed ‘the next phase of his career’ given at this point there isn’t a team anywhere in the world that hasn’t been “linked” to the Swedish player. Whilst there is certainly an element of the world being his oyster at the end of the year when his contract with French champions Paris Saint Germain runs out, but some of the rumors are just downright daft, and others clearly inventions of the imagination.

This week’s most ridiculous was of course the David Beckham Miami connection that some newspapers decided to explore as if it had any realistic merit. As with all these stories it was tenuous at best and basically involved Beckham musing in front of the press, something the vapid wastrel really shouldn’t attempt, and saying precisely enough to allow the sports pages of various publications to run yet another somewhat vacant-of-facts story about Zlatan Ibrahimovic moving to the MLS.

Of course if he does move across the pond the rest of the teams linked to ‘the next phase of his career’ will be hugely disappointed, but you can be sure the won’t give up making offers and displaying interest in Sweden’s superstar, especially not if he shines in the Euro 2016 finals next year in France. However whilst Zlatan has a decision to make, one of the big new stars of Swedish boxing is happy to let his management and promoter make the choices about his future.

Choices, Choices, Choices……

Erik Skoglund

Skoglund is helping to bring back boxing (Photo: Erik Skoglund)

Swedish boxing has always been vastly underrated and the rise of young Erik Skoglund on the back of the resurgence of interest in the sport within the Scandinavian region has begun to show just what talent lies beneath, and whilst the recognition that Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets day-in, day-out might not yet have fallen upon Erik but he should be gambling news in the year ahead will present him with interesting opportunities both for the 24 year old Swede and indeed Swedish boxing as a whole.

In his last bout Erik Skoglund kept his unbeaten record clean as he out-pointed Derek Edwards in Nykoping. It was a bit of a messy fight but Skoglund had the upper hand, if not the upper right, of Edwards much of the bout and even had him down at one point, although the referee decided that was a slip rather than a fall. There could even have been a stoppage in the tenth if the rain of blows hadn’t been interrupted by the bell.

In the end the fight was scored 100-90, 99-91 & 99-92 giving Erik Skoglund a 24-0 record with 11 of those knock-outs and leads him further onward to being one of the best Swedish boxing exponents.
“This was one of the toughest fights of my career,” he confirmed after his win. “I stuck to my game plan and kept him at a distance. It was like a dream scenario for me, but he was tough and I could land the final punch. This was an important test for me against a world-class fighter, and I think I passed.”

Swedish Boxing May Get Title Fight Next Year


Sauerland is responsible for the surge of interest in Scandinavian boxing (Photo: Ekstrabladet)

“I was very impressed by Erik’s performance,” said Nisse Sauerland the powerhouse behind the Nordic Fight Nights that have been responsible for much of the swelling interest in Swedish boxing as regional fighters from the Nordic nations have an arena in which to showcase their talents against strong international opponents. “He fought the perfect fight. Derek is a season professional and he came here to win, but was beaten by the better man.”

“Now Erik can take some time off and enjoy his Christmas break, before we get back to business next year.” Said Sauerland, who had some hints to drop about precisely what that business might entail next year for the new star of Swedish boxing. “He proved he’s ready for a step up.” Nisse pointed out, going on to say “We will look to deliver him a big title fight in 2016.” And with that the rumors have already begun to swirl about who might be matched up against Skoglund.

Naturally that’s all being played very much close to the chest so far, and the rumors about opponents for Skoglund are almost as diverse as those about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, you can bet that anyone who takes advantage of Swedish gambling laws next year is going to spare just a little of their bank roll to wager on this fighter at ComeOn! Sportsbook, because he’s electrifying Swedish boxing and could well have far more to recommend him as he gets more experienced.

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