Casino Party Accident – Shocking After Party Murder Case

  • The Casino Party Accident
  • They found the body of the missing woman
  • Murder after casino party in Moses Lake.
Casino Party Accident

According to Gambling News, a woman was reported to be missing on March 3, 2022. Her body was found at a casino party accident. While the casino is probably not related to the murder. The murderer picked her up after the celebration of her birthday at Moses Lake, Papa’s Casino. Furthermore, she was staying at the casino party when the incident happened. Therefore, this was not an accident, but the casino is not faulty for the murder of the woman. The speculation is that the woman willingly entered the vehicle of the murderer. Therefore, saying that casinos are dangerous is one of the false casino rumors in this case. Without further ado, let’s discover the crime. Casino Welcome Bonus

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Casino Party Accident

In the state of Washington, there was a casino party accident that took place on March 3, 2022. According to the Tri-City Herald, the victim was a woman, Yanira Cedillos. She was celebrating her 30. Birthday at Papa’s Casino in Moses Lake. Her ex-boyfriend, Juan Gastelum picked her up with the premise of bringing her home. However, today he is facing charges of her murder. The details are blurry, but all information points toward Gastelum to be the murderer. She was celebrating her birthday with a couple of friends. However, none of them have joined the car with her. Therefore, those who stayed after the party are clueless about the case. The only information is that the ex-boyfriend called her several times during the night.

The Search At the Casino Party Accident

After she didn’t return home from the party. The family and friends began to search for her around the Papa’s Casino in Moses Lake. Therefore the family was quick to report the missing person. However, they probably assumed that she was either drunk or sleeping somewhere. Therefore, the first destination was not her apartment to check.

Thanks to the several messages and Gastelum being the last person to see her. He is one of the main suspects, and there are no other suspects. However, no witnesses either. Three parties were searching for her. Therefore, the police department, her family, and her friends were looking all over the city to find her.

The Missing Woman was Murdered

According to Q13Fox, the missing woman was 30 years old, a mother of three Yanira Cedellius. According to the belief of the detectives, she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in her apartment shortly after the party. Therefore, the phone calls and the offered drive are solid evidence against the man. It would be hard to believe that anyone else could have murdered her in this plot. Especially since her body was found in a sleeping bag. The birthday celebration has quickly turned into a casino party accident, or furthermore a murder incident. Casino Welcome Bonus

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Dead Woman Found After Casino Party Accident

Once the search for her body was unsuccessful, the police decided to try and locate her based on her mobile phone data. After she was located, the autopsy revealed that there are several crimes to charge Juan Gastelum with. Committing these charges is not one of the safest sports in the World. Therefore, Gastelum is facing several serious charges. Not only criminal justice but monetary punishment and probably a long time in jail. The Casino is not responsible for her death, however, this case is a great example of why people shouldn’t let a woman alone with their ex after a party.

What Happened To The Mrequestsan urderer?

According to the Moses Lake police authorities. They charged her ex-boyfriend with second-degree murder and second-degree rape count. Until his court begins, he is staying at the Umatilla County Jail in Oregon State. His bail is around $1 million. Therefore the chances of anyone bailing him out are low.

The solid evidence against the murderer is making him the main suspect. Therefore, he has nearly no defense and the autopsy will probably reveal his DNA in her. This is more than just a casino party accident.  Because this case is about premeditated and merciless murder.

The Moses Lake Police Department

The Moses Lake Police department spoke up about the case on social media. They stated the following in their Facebook post:

“… This morning the Spokane County Medical Examiner was able to positively identify the body as Yanira Cedillos. Detectives will now focus on working with the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office to obtain a conviction in this horrific incident… Our thoughts and prayers go out to Yanira’s family and friends. Yanira’s family has been side by side with us throughout this entire investigation. Although the outcome is not what anyone wanted, it brings us comfort that we were able to find Yanira and bring her back to her family. We would also like to thank everyone in this community that has assisted with searching for Yanira and for all the support that her family has received during this difficult time.”

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Online Casinos Are Safe

History has a collection of many casino party accidents and murder incidents. The history of casinos is filled with gambling gangsters. However, as of late in our modern world, this is different. Because casino victims are more frequent than casino criminals. Therefore, switching over to online casinos is probably one of the better decisions. The murder this time didn’t take place in the casino. However, leaving a woman with her ex-boyfriend after a party is not a smart decision. If you are looking for a safe casino to join, then you should visit Casino. They are offering complete online safety.

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