Casino Taxi Passenger Robbed of Winnings

  • Blabbed about his winnings in the back of a taxi
  • Gets robbed...no surprise there
  • Decides to get a free taxi ride by holding onto the door handle
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Have you heard about a casino taxi passenger robbed of his winnings? It sounds like the beginning of a joke. A man walks into a casino and then walks out with $15,000 in winnings. Hails a taxi. Talks about his good fortune whilst sitting in the back and promptly gets robbed. Some people really like to live the life as if it were a Quinton Tarantino movie.

Introduction: Casino Taxi Passenger Robbed of Winnings

The victim was playing in the an unnamed Lake Charles casino and was the lucky winner at the games table. While getting a taxi ride back home, he couldn’t help himself and told the taxi driver of his good fortune. The implication being that he was actually carrying the money on his person. Yeah, not the brightest light on the Christmas tree! Apparently he then fell asleep in the back of the cab. Guess the next act?

Life Imitates Art: Taxi Passenger Robbed

There was a rude awakening, when he felt himself being pulled from the back of the cab onto the street. The driver, Brandon K. Grant, 40, of Lake Charles remained in the driver’s seat whilst his accomplice Fergus A. Bushnell, roughly pulled the victim from the cab and proceeded to beat him. Once on the tarmac, Bushnell continued to beat the man and robbed him of an unspecified amount of money and two cellphones. Hang on there…this tale gets wilder.

Don’t Try This At Home, Kids

As the taxi pulled away, the victim decided it might be a good idea to grab hold the rear door handle and try to re-enter the vehicle. But that didn’t pan out too well for him. He was dragged a short distance along the street before releasing his grip, leaving the taxi to make it’s getaway. The police also revealed that Bushnell may of had a gun tucked into the waistband of his pants. All very gangster indeed. If only he’d stayed at home playing CyberSpins Casino, the life would of been a lot more relaxed. But then again, you would not experience the hand of Tarantino directing you life.

Taxi Passenger Robbed: Second Degree Kidnapping

The taxi driver, Grant, was arrested within minutes. Bushnell made break for it in a pickup truck but was apprehended a short while later. Unfortunately the truck didn’t have “Pussy Wagon” written on it! The police believe that Grant set up the robbery (well duh!) and he was charged with second degree kidnapping along with simple robbery. The Calcasieu Parish sheriff’s office also charged Bushnell with principal to second-degree kidnapping, along with simple robbery. As of last Friday, they were both enjoying the hospitality of the Calcasieu Correctional Center. Judge Clayton Davis set a bond for Bushnel of $55,000 and as of now hasn’t set a bond for Grant.

casino, online casino, passenger robbed, Lake Charles casino, Gamingzion.com, betting, casino winnings,

Yes, The Resort Is Named After A Vegetable

The Sheriff declined to release either the name of the casino nor that of the victim involved. In the local region there are a number of gaming properties, including the L’Auberge Casino Resort, The Golden Nugget and the Isle of Capri. Could any businesses have anymore cheesier names? Only in a Tarantino script. On another point, it sounds like it’s safer to play casino games online at home. With casinos like CyberSpins Casino. At the very least you won’t get robbed. Here’s a list of online casino sites in the US.

Un-Security Guard

Not to be outdone, last December a robbery took place at the Lake Charles Casino. Three brave banditos held up and then assaulted a security guard before making off with an undisclosed amount of cash. During the excitement, two of the robbers relieved the guard of his gun, and then beat him, whilst the third went inside and demanded cash from the cashier. All three musketeers are still on the lose. The security guard suffered only minor injuries, though probably it’s his pride that’s hurting the most.

His Boss Wasn’t Too Happy

Earlier in March, according to online casino news in the US, a man stole $14,000 from another casino in Lake Charles. He used his employers credit card to take out a number of cash advances which he then cashed in. The 34 year old defendant from Pasadena, Texas obviously preferred the quieter life in using a credit card as opposed to a gun. Never the less, he was quickly apprehended.

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