Casino Winners Chased by Indian Tax Authorities

India signed agreements with Macau and other nations to chase Indian casino winning gamblers.

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According to gambling news, Macau is betraying its Indian casino clients as the tiny district signed a deal with the Indian government. Under this agreement, banking information will be provided to Indian tax authorities.

A large number of Indian casino gamblers who won at Macau casinos could face potential problems.

While gambling is illegal under Indian gambling laws, the never-ending hunger of tax authorities for real cash will now lead to further punishment of casino game-loving Indian citizens who already need to go beyond India borders to gamble.

India grabbing casino money

Similar agreements have been signed between India and other nations such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands, Jersey and Liberia.

As a result, gambling Indians will need to watch their backs even when playing at mobile casinos.

The mean tax man will sneak out from under the blackjack or poker table, real or screen-based.

The Indian collection agent will grab your hand for baccarat money, and see if roulette or craps bets pay off, as a chunk of cash is due to the tax man. Even innocent bingo games may be taxed.

No matter that India officially doesn’t support gambling. Casino cash tax receipts are welcome and avidly pursued.

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