Casinos May Be Allowed to Open Up in Japan

Will casino gambling enter Japan and take the money out of packets of Pachinko machine operators?

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Under current Japanese gambling laws, gambling for money in this country isn’t allowed. Yet, this doesn’t prevent millions of Japanese from playing Pachinko machines, a truly national sport where the general idea is to catch balls. Winnings at these these machines can be exchanged for prizes but not real cash.

The huge population of 127 million, and world’s third largest economy, has attracted lobbying efforts from the gaming industry. The outcome of these is yet to be seen, however, some interesting developments are taking place in the Japanese legal landscape.

Japanese casinos legalized?

According to gambling news, Japanese lawmakers are looking at a bill that would allow resorts and hotels to add casinos on their premises.

This, as is claimed, will bring additional revenues and jobs to Japan. The opposition claims that it will exacerbate gambling problems among the island population.

However it goes, the gambling revenues could easily reach billions of dollars annually.

With the Japanese love of electronics, legalizing online casinos as well, including mobile casino gambling on a variety of games, could quickly explode.

Games such as blackjack, baccarat and poker can compete with Pachinko, while offering Japanese gamblers much entertainment and real money online casino payouts to add to the emotions.

If Android and iPad mobile gambling enters the Japanese archipelago, Pachinko machines beware!

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