Casinos In Philadelphia Fined Again As Criminals Caught

  • Philadelphia Casinos Epitomize Why They’re Dying Out
  • Careless Casinos In Philadelphia Fined Another $140,000 
  • Online Bookies Like Bovada Boosted By Casino Failures
Casinos In Philadelphia

With more issues than the back catalog of Playboy, the land-based-casino business is under pressure. So you’d think they’d do all they can to avoid adverse publicity. You know, lest someone realizes what a silly anachronism they are in the internet age and point it out. When we have online betting sites in the US like Bovada, why do these horrid gaudy places still exist? It is a question to which a couple of casinos in Philadelphia have absolutely no sensible answer.   

The ongoing issues that are going on in 2020 have become a catalyst for many changes. Some long overdue. Spending all day hanging out on a computer talking to people on the internet used to be just for geeks. Now it’s just working from home. Likewise, actually gambling from home has also come of age. As around the world, the lack of access to casinos in Philadelphia meant people went online instead. The big fear for casino owners is, of course, that these new digital punters won’t come back. 

One has to wonder why they would. The hygiene issues alone are enough to keep you at home taking advantage of US gambling laws on Bovada. Handle a bunch of chips other people have been handling? No thanks. Get served food and drink indoors by people who can’t afford to lose their jobs by admitting they’re ill? Definitely not. Casinos in Philadelphia were, like all the others globally, already under pressure, so this latest escapade just seems ridiculously self-destructive. 

Fines For Foolish Casinos In Philadelphia

Casinos in Philadelphia, as is common in the industry, gave away free slot play as a marketing tool. The Rivers Casino and Mount Airy Casino Resort, however, gave a way just a little more than they should have. Whilst casinos are free to use such hooks to snag punters, there are limits agreed ahead of time. Limits that both exceeded. One through ineptitude and the other through apathy and poor oversight. Neither one very attractive to punters who’ve found other outlets.

They fined the Rivers Casino $47,500 for “erroneous awards”. This is, frankly, a little disingenuous although it did only total 1.3% of their free slot play. Still, making a mistake is one thing, everyone does that, making the same one 405 times is something else. Casinos in Philadelphia are yet to learn plausible deniability that requires a plausible component. It’s one of the reasons people prefer to bet on sports in the US at home on Bovada. Far less bovine waste. 

Casinos In Philadelphia
Oh Phily’

Bovada Better Than Any Physical Casino

Mount Airy Casino Resort had different issues. It hadn’t simply made a mistake, it had just given up. It allowed one of it’s VIP coordinators to conspire with patrons to steal free slot playtime. In the casino business that’s ridiculous. The lack of oversight alone is a massive alarm bell. That their fine was $92,500 another. Any casino that allows someone to steal $140,000 deserves a fine of at least that much. Casinos in Philadelphia are doing themselves no favors, are they?

That employee got two years on federal money laundering charges. Not the best of publicity for casinos in Philadelphia. But then these places are out of time. They attract criminals, are dirty, dangerous, and above all no longer carry the sense of occasion that warranted their existence. They are no longer the preserve of James Bond in his tux playing Baccarat. These days physical casinos just can’t compete with the professionalism and security of online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada. So perhaps it’s time they just rolled over and died already.   

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We take a look at why casinos in Philadelphia getting fined is just another sign they’re on their way out.

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