Catalonia Declared Independence, What Will Happen to La Liga Now?

Catalan Independence La Liga

Catalonia declared independence, the decision could influent La Liga schedule this week and it could have even longer impacts…

Online sportsbook news sites in Spain exploded of the latest news today: the Catalan parliament voted in favour of Catalan independence. Well, kind of. 70 representatives voted for independence, 10 against, 2 refused to vote, while 55 representatives from the opposing parties refused to even physically be there during the voting.

The problematic events have been going on around Cataluna for weeks now. On the first of October, the Catalans held a referendum which was literally destroyed by the Spanish police. Catalonia has its own police, so politicians from Madrid sent their own people and Spanish policemen attacked all Catalans who wanted to live with their democratic rights.

How did things escalate and reach this point?

Probably that’s when it all went wrong and where all chances of constructive communication have been thrown out of the window. The Spanish parliament declared that those Catalan politicians and civil right activists were working against the democratic stability of the United Spain and hence they were arrested.

As a result of attacks on democratic stability of the country, Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of the Spanish government, has initiated to apply the article 155 of the Spanish Constitution. That is to say, to take away all autonomic rights from Catalonia. However, the Spanish government was a bit more democratic and they just wanted to dissolved the Catalan parliament.

Which they actually did, against all expectations. They initiated the possibility for Catalonia to completely re-elect their government, but there was no way back for them. Earlier today, Catalonia declared independence. Well, the Catalan parliament did so. With a minimum majority if we count all representatives.

What’s with La Liga now that Catalonia declared independence?

First of all, online sportsbook sites in Spain surely won’t stop offering La Liga betting odds. And Barcelona most probably will remain among those offers: Barcelona president Bartomeu clearly stated that he wanted FC Barcelona to stay in La Liga, no matter what happens.

However, La Liga president Javier Tebas wasn’t so keen on keeping teams from a “foreign country” in his league. In addition, he is probably under the influence of the Spanish government, which does everything (and by that, I mean EVERYTHING) in its power in order to keep Barcelona as a part of the country.

Things are not leading into a pretty directions, that’s for sure. Some vision another civil war in Spain, some still have hopes in democratic solutions. Whatever will be the solution, it’s for sure that the everyday people only suffer from all these political “discussions” that are only because of radical views.

One more tip for La Liga bettors: pay attention to the latest news and don’t get tempted by odds in the online sportsbook directory. Catalonia’s Girona are to host Real Madrid on Sunday, but the match is likely to be postponed now that Catalonia declared independence. Maybe you don’t want to bet on this one right now.

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