Celebrity Booze Products: Cheers to 2021!

  • The number of celebrity booze products is growing by leaps and bounds
  • Not everyone is good at it, but some make tens of millions of dollars on their name
  • In this article, we will check the odds of success for celebrity alcohol
celebrity booze products

In Hollywood five years ago there was a joke that somewhere in the city sits a financial advisor who suggests all clients from show business invest in vodka. Indeed, the number of celebrity booze products is growing by leaps and bounds. Famous people have been advertising alcohol for as long as the media and the very concept of “celebrity” exist. However, in recent years they have begun to prefer a share in the company. Not everyone is good at it, but some make tens of millions of dollars on their name. In this article, we will check the odds of success for celebrity alcohol. 

How famous names bring money 

Celebrities have many options for interacting with any brand, not just alcohol. Indeed, sometimes a large company gives a star the right to consider a new position in an existing line. For example, the tequila manufacturer Sauza, owned by Beam-Suntory, came up with a label of 901 Sauza Tequila for Justin Timberlake. Similarly, David Beckham collaborates with Haig Scotch, which is part of the Diageo portfolio. The English Portobello Road Gin has launched a separate line of Local Heroes, in which a gin dedicated to a star is released annually. In 2020, at number 3, the company paid tribute to the outstanding musician, the leader of the Dire Straits group, Mark Knopfler. 

Sometimes the initiative comes from celebrities themselves. So, Marilyn Manson asked the Swiss company Matter-Luginbühl to produce his absinthe Mansinthe. Meanwhile, the stars of the series Breaking Bad Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul searched all of Oaxaca and tried hundreds of samples until they found a small family distillery to produce their brand of mezcal Dos Hombres. Besides, some companies hire celebrities as creative directors who are responsible for promoting the brand for a solid salary or percentage of sales. The beginning of this was laid by the extremely successful cooperation of Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, with Diageo in the framework of the promotion of Cîroc vodka in the United States. Together they raised the brand from 50th place in the ranking of the best-selling premium vodkas in the world to the second. Indeed, celebrity booze products often become extremely popular. 

Celebrity booze products that succeeded 

Famous bourbon producers Wild Turkey hired actor Matthew McConaughey for a similar position as P. Diddy. Moreover, McConaughey turned out to be an excellent creative director and after a couple of years launched his brand of Long Branch bourbon, which, of course, produces Wild Turkey. Recently, the alcohol marketing company Conecuh Brands went the same way, launching the Prospero tequila. Here, a famous singer Rita Ora became the creative director of the brand. 

Indeed, stars with good business sense show a more solid approach. Jay-Z bought out a stake from the cognac producer D’Ussé VSOP and now owns it on a par with Bacardi. Jay-Z is one of the biggest stars of black music, and cognac, along with champagne, is the most popular drink among rappers. Therefore, D’Ussé VSOP sells excellently on the American market. As usual, no one discloses the numbers. However, according to the estimates of journalists, Beyoncé’s husband earned $ 100 million only on the sales of D’Ussé. Meanwhile, you can make your celebrity bets in online sportsbooks in the USA to make real money.

celebrity booze products
Celebs and booze are in hand in hand

Partners in booze

Many brands are created by celebrities in partnership with companies that invest in the alcohol market. For example, Bob Dylan launched his Heaven’s Door bourbon with Spirits Investment Partners, an early investment company that helps brands go to market. With Dylan, SIP did it. This spring in Nashville, Heaven’s Door distillery and Dylan’s art center will officially open to visitors. Some people and companies are building businesses by launching celebrity brands. For example, a businessman Ken Austin helped Conor McGregor build the Proper No. Irish whiskey brand. Now, you know who enjoys good alcohol and produces their celebrity booze products. Besides, you can learn more about Famous Celebrity Gamblers. 

In 2009, Brent Hawking invented the same DeLeón tequila, which he later successfully sold to Diageo and Sean Combs. Later, he invested the proceeds in the very Virginia Black Whiskey brand, launched jointly with Drake. The Swedish agency with the telling name Brands for Fans has already released a huge line of wine, beer, rum, whiskey, and other drinks under the brands of different groups. Usually, the agency signs a licensing agreement with them, under which it takes over the entire organizational side, and the stars help in promoting the product. The portfolio of the Judas Priest Spiced Rum company includes a large line of various spirits under the Motörhead brandy, rum, tequila, and Rammstein vodka, the Scorpions Rock n Roll Star single malt, as well as its line of Sweden Rock single malts and gins. 

Celebrity booze products: Just business

Diageo recently announced that it was buying part-owned Aviation American Gin for a staggering $ 610 million from actor Ryan Reynolds. Four years earlier, the same corporation bought the Casamigos tequila brand, co-owned by George Clooney, for an even more astounding $ 1 billion. This amount was not paid immediately. However, the deal still entered the top ten on the alcohol market in 2017. Diageo considers the acquisition very successful: sales of Casamigos tequila did not even fall in 2020.

 Back in 2011, Bethenny Frankel, the star of the reality show The Real Housewives of New York City, sold Beam Suntory, It is a brand of low-calorie cocktail premixes Skinnygirl, which she launched with partners in 2009, for an unnamed amount. Indeed, Forbes estimates about $ 120 million. Frankel retained the brand in all areas (except alcoholic beverages) and in ten years built a multimillion-dollar empire selling clothing, weight loss products, and other goods. 

When Conor McGregor launched his whiskey brand, many experts feared that the famous mixed martial arts fighter named The Notorious would not become a suitable ambassador for his stamps. However, Proper No. 12th in 2019 was the fourth best-selling Irish whiskey globally. Unfortunately, not everyone is as successful as McGregor. Shortly after the launch of Dennis Rodman Original Bad Ass Premium Vodka, Dennis Rodman himself got into rehab for alcoholics. This was one of the reasons for the short life of the brand. Everything is good in moderation. Visit the BetOnline Sportsbook and make money on Celebrity Divorce Odds.

celebrity booze products

Starting from a scratch 

Famous people who risk embarking on an independent voyage with their business partners or even without them are usually prompted by personal affection. For example, the director Stephen Soderbergh made a rather original speech. In Bolivia, during the filming of the film “Che”, he tried the local grape distillate of Singani, which is made from Alexandrian nutmeg. Then he decided that from now on it was his favorite drink. Having found out that Singani was not represented in the United States at all, Soderberg registered an importing company, received all licenses, found a premium Xingani manufacturer, and persuaded him to raise the quality bar additionally. Thus, Casa Real’s best own Singani is made from its own and purchased grapes.

This is how the Singani 63 brand was born, which he now imports and promotes himself. He even hired a lobbying agency to force the US government to formally recognize Xingani as a unique and exclusively Bolivian product. Previously, the same agency successfully carried out this operation with Kashasha, so Shingani may have a good future. By the way, before the launch, Soderbergh consulted with another brave man who risked playing in the alcohol market on his own. It was one of the Ghostbusters, Dan Aykroyd, who created his brand of Crystal Head vodka long before the current alcoholic fashion among the stars. Online gambling sites in the USA support celebrity booze products and offer their bets on them. 

Celebrity booze products: Kendall Jenner and her tequila 

American model Kendall Jenner has created her brand of tequila – 818 Tequila. The girl announced this on her Instagram. According to the model, she has been working on the creation of her alcoholic beverage for almost four years. As a result, they began to produc it  in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Moreover, Jenner’s Tequila has already received at the World Tequila Awards. There she received the award as the best reposado of 2020. This is the name for tequila aged from 2 to 11 months in wooden barrels. According to the jury, the drink has earthy notes with echoes of pecan pie, sweet potato, and caramel. Besides, the tequila’s aftertaste is even sweeter with hints of vanilla and cinnamon ice cream. 

Other critics say 818 Tequila has aromas of toffee, wood, and chocolate, as well as asparagus and orange peel. It will be possible to check the assessment of specialists shortly. The exact release date of the first batch is still unknown. Over the past year, several celebrities have launched their brands of alcohol at once. Queen Elizabeth II launched a gin with plant extracts from her garden in Sandringham. Meanwhile, Elon Musk has introduced Tesla Tequila. Brad Pitt launched the Fleur de Miraval rosé sparkling wine and the Delevingne sisters founded the vegan wine brand Della-Vite. Let’s wish Kendall Jenner good luck with her booze. Meanwhile, you can Bet on Kylie Jenner and all the Kardashian family in the Bet Online Sportsbook

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