Chances Of Winning Lotto: Simple Maths Behind Gambling


Posted: June 10, 2020

Updated: June 10, 2020

  • A lot of people throughout the world enjoy playing lotto online.
  • However, some gamblers may still wonder what are the real chances of winning lotto?
  • In our article, we will discuss the simple maths behind this kind of gambling that shows your odds of victory.

Playing online lotto has become very popular nowadays. Indeed, this is obvious since purchasing tickets online is much more convenient than buying them at a local lottery office. Thus, you have an opportunity to gamble at any time from any place in this world. Besides, calculating the chances of winning lotto is not so difficult as you may have previously thought. Everyone who gambles regularly knows the simple Maths formulas that can show your odds of victory. Let’s look at them! 

How to calculate the odds of winning lotto?

Usually, numerical lotteries stick to certain formulas. Moreover, the chances of each event to happen (winning a particular category) can be easily calculated mathematically. Besides, you can apply these formulas to any kind of lottery as “5 of 36”, “6 of 45”, or “7 of 49”. The main principle does not change since it depends only on the total amount of numbers and how many of them you need to guess.

For example, for the “5 out of 36” lottery, the probabilities are always the following to guess:

  • two numbers – 1: 8
  • three numbers – 1: 81
  • four numbers – 1: 2 432
  • five numbers – 1: 376 992

In general, all the probabilities have long been known, all that remains is to find or calculate them yourself, using the appropriate formulas. Also, for those who are too lazy to do it, we have prepared the chances of winning lotto of different kinds in the following table: 

Numbers to guess

“5 of 36”

 “6 of 45”

 “7 of 49”

2 1:8 1:7
3 1:81 1:45 1:22
4 1:2432 1:733 1:214
5 1:376 992 1:34 808 1:4751
6 1:8 145 060 1:292 179
7 1:85 900 584

Simple Maths behind gambling

If you want to be more precise then you can make all the calculations on your own. Indeed, your chances of winning lotto depend on three factors:

  • A total number of possible digit combinations;
  • A single ticket price;
  • A number total of potential winnings (here, for simplicity, you can use only the average jackpot).

The mathematical expectation of getting the main prize of the lottery is calculated in the following way: Lotto jackpot size divided by a possible combination of numbers divided by a ticket price.  Indeed, the best chance of winning lotto from the player’s point of view is the one with the highest percentage.

how to win lotto, win the jackpot on online lottery games in the USA
All this money can be yours if you can use maths well enough…

Are you already confused with all these numbers? Well, in reality, you do not need to be a mathematician to visit one of the online gambling sites in Australia. Besides, you should remember that apart from the exact sciences you have your luck that is always on your side. Believe us or not, you have all the chances of winning lotto at 1xBET Lottery. Why? Because so many people have already done it. Just read about the Largest Lotto Winners Recently in 2020. And if you do not see your name on this list, then it’s high time to buy your lucky ticket at 1XBET Lottery.

How to increase your chances of winning lotto?

Systematic method

The only working method to win the lottery that does not require you to pay several hundred dollars for invalid calculating programs is the systematic one. Most online lotto sites in Australia will allow you to gamble using a specific game system. To do it, you have to select more lottery numbers than is required for one line. Afterward, you can play with all the possible combinations available in your set. Are you hesitating about how to choose these numbers? If yes, then get acquainted with our tips on How To Pick Your Lucky Lotto Number.

The mathematics of gambling
Maths is hard, but winning the jackpot is harder. But hey, neither is impossible!

So how does a systematic method increase your chances of winning lotto? In reality, playing a large number of digits simply increases the probability of winning any prize. Besides, the systematic method can also increase the prize itself. Since one line contains many combinations, it is quite possible that you will win several prizes at once. Therefore, try this method out at 1xBET Lottery to make sure it really works!

Lottery syndicate

Unfortunately, the drawback of the systematic method is the financial side. Indeed, it can be a little bit expensive. However, there is a way out of this problem. You should play by participating in the lottery syndicate. Thus, find a group of friends or family members and create a joint fund to buy lottery tickets. In this way, the cost of tickets will be shared between all members of the group. However, if there are no lotto fans among your friends or family, you can join any the lottery syndicate available online. Therefore, increase your chances of winning lotto and hit the main jackpot together!

Regular play

This way is really simple. In general, to win, you need to play. Therefore, the more often you gamble, the higher your chances of winning lotto are. Besides, playing on the 1xBET Lottery platform gives you such a large selection of games that you can participate in draws almost every day. Meanwhile, every single day gives you a chance to become the next winner of a huge jackpot. Therefore, what you need to do is simply choose a lottery, fill out your ticket or buy a lucky number and wait for the draw! Besides, the results of each draw will be immediately published on the 1xBET Lottery website so no need for long anticipation. Well, perhaps now is the moment when luck smiles at you so don’t waste your time and go gambling!

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