How to Win OZ Lotto – A Guide to Grow Rich

  • Check out the odds of the prize Divisions of the OZ lotto
  • Choosing the right entry might increase your chance in winning the OZ lotto
  • We recommend 1xBET lottery to play OZ lotto online
How to win OZ Lotto, buy lotto tickets online and hit the jackpot, trustworthy online lottery sites

Lottery and lotto games are no strangers in the gambling community, it’s actually one of the oldest casino games. The popularity of the lotteries has risen immensely in the 19th century, and small shops solely dedicated to selling the lottery slips has started to mushroom in the towns. Nowadays, some countries have banned the game while some organize national or cross-country lotteries. Australia is one in the latter category, organizing nation-wide lotteries like OZ Lotto, Powerball and Saturday Lotto. Here, we’ll give you some tips on how to win OZ lotto.

When online casinos have started to emerge in the late 20th century, some games have successfully adapted while some stayed behind. Lotteries’ transformation in the online casinos were more than just successful. Instead of going out to buy the slips, players are now able to just log in to their preferred online lotto sites in Australia.

How to Win OZ Lotto?

OZ Lotto is one of the biggest lottery games in Australia. Every Tuesday, the lottery pulls 9 balls from the numbers 1-45. 2 million dollars will go to the lucky player who has guessed the numbers right. However, if there’s no winner in that week, the prize money is added to the next week’s prize. This can go on until there is a winner. The highest the prize has reached is the astounding 100.000.000 dollars.

Considering the single slip costing 1.30 dollars for that much amount of money, it’s no wonder why people search for how to win OZ lotto. Before we get into that, let’s see how to play OZ lotto first.

How to play OZ lotto?

You can either play the lotto by buying slips from the shops with legal licenses or choose to play online. Almost every online gambling sites in Australia have the OZ Lotto. However, make sure to check out the site’s legal status and legibility before you make any deposits. We would recommend 1xBET Lottery. Not only the site has a legitimate legal license, the welcome bonus and banking options have no match. To read more thorough review about 1xBET Lottery, visit our site.

how to win OZ lotto
Oz Lotto

After you create an account at the site, you can start playing by choosing your entry. There are many ways you can play, but for the standard entry, you can choose 7 numbers. There are main 3 ways of entry- standard, system&pick, and advance. If you’re wondering how to win OZ lotto by choosing the right entry, here is the more detailed explanation of each entry.

Standard entry

Here, you can choose seven numbers from 1-45 in either quick entry or marked entry. In the quick entry, all you need to do is choose how many games you would like to play. The numbers will be automatically generated for you. As for the marked entry, you can choose which games you would like to play. When playing online you can mark up to 50 games while it’s 18 if you’re playing with a physical card.

System and Pick entry

This one is definitely more advantageous than the standard entrance, thus a little more pricey. However, if you’re wondering how to win OZ lotto, this is probably the one you should choose. In the system entry, you’d get to choose 8-20 numbers instead of 7, giving you more chances to win. For the pick entry, the chance of winning increases significantly too. One or two numbers in this entry is guaranteed to come out in the winning numbers.

Advance entry

If you have don’t have time to enter the game every week or have something other planned that stops you from entering in the future, advance entries are for you. You can either enter the OZ Lotto by choosing advance entry by up to 10 weeks or choose from the subscription or multi-week entry. These two entries will definitely give you more chances to win OZ Lotto. In the multi-week entry, you can enter up to 10 consecutive draws.

how to win OZ lotto
Advance Entry?

How do I increase my chance of winning OZ Lotto?

There are thousands of guides on how to win OZ lotto, and some have even written strategy books that guarantee success in winning. However, before you jump into these strategies, remember that it’s a perfectly random game. Nothing good will come out from dividing the 45 numbers into odds and evens or lower and higher halves. The only thing you should pay attention to is the odds of the numbers.

The most obvious tip on how to win OZ lotto is to avoid the obvious combinations. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 is one of the combinations that people choose the most. Even though technically there’s a chance of this combination be the winning combination, the prize will be divided amongst too many people to be profitable. Also as mentioned before, you can choose the system and pick an entry to increase your chance in winning the OZ lotto. However, at the end of the day, it always comes down to the odds. In order to win the lowest, 7th division of the OZ lotto, you should have 3 winning numbers and one supplementary number. So let us introduce the winning divisions for you.

How to win OZ Lotto – Divisions explained


Odds of winning Requirement


45379620:1 All 7 winning numbers


3241401:1 6 winning numbers + 1 or 2 supplementary number


180078:1 6 winning numbers


29602:1 5 winning numbers+ 1 supplementary number


3430:1 5 winning numbers


142:1 4 winning numbers


87:1 3 winning numbers + 1 supplementary number

Do you know how to win OZ Lotto? Join 1xBET Lottery and become a millionaire!

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