Check Out The 2018 Mosconi Cup Betting Odds

For those still cackling about the Ryder Cup victory there’s another meeting twixt America and Europe. The 2018 Mosconi Cup Betting Odds indicate that the US visitors to London will get a bashing. So if you’re a fan of watching the US get beaten this Nine-Ball Pool contest might just be for you.

Mosconi Cup betting odds
Here are the best Mosconi Cup betting odds on Europe and America

It will be a while before Europeans will cease mentioning the US loss in the Ryder Cup. But this winter there’s another tournament which pitches these rivals against each other in a contest of Nine-Ball Pool. The 2018 Mosconi Cup Betting odds that Europe are getting suggest it’ll be like the Ryder Cup all over again for the visiting US.

Having started life in Romford the Mosconi Cup is now in its 25th year. The event is bringing with it a vast array of Pool talent from the US to challenge the run of victories that has seen the Europeans win the last eight matches. Although the 2018 Mosconi Cup Betting odds that Europe is getting mean that you probably shouldn’t back them actually winning.

Will The Americans Get Beaten By Europe Again?  

Bet365 will give you 7/4 on Team USA winning the tournament although the odds that Europe garners are far shorter at just 4/9. The Europeans under Marcus Chamat are far more heavily backed than the team from the other side of the Atlantic led by Johan Ruijsink and for good reason. With home advantage and a wealth of experience still cuing for their side, the Europeans should really have this one all their own way.

THE BIG INTERVIEW – JOHAN RUIJSINKEarlier this year we sat down with the new Mosconi Cup Team USA captain, Johan Ruijsink. In this extended interview, the Dutchman discussed:- His appointment as American captain- Working with the American players- Why it doesn’t matter that he isn’t American- His belief that the America has enough talent to win the Mosconi Cup- Why he accepted the challenge of leading Team USA- His background in coaching- The American players who made him fall in love with pool- Why it is important for American fans to support the team at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

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What becomes interesting then is not so much the general 2018 Mosconi Cup Betting odds, but predicting the exact score by which the Americans will get beaten. An 11-8 victory is 15/2 but 11-7 and 11-9 both get 8/1 with 11-6 at 9/1. You can get 10/1 on an 11-5 battering and 200/1 on them winning 11-0, although that’s pretty silly and if you want to bet on sports in the UK you might not want to shoot so long.

2018 Mosconi Cup Betting Odds – Europe 4/9 At Bet365

There’s also the question of just which player on each side will gain the most points. From the American side, Bet365 give Shane Van Boening at 7/4 the nod. Skyler Woodward isn’t far behind at 10/3 nor is Billy Thorpe at 9/2.

Jayson Shaw gets just 13/5 to be Europe’s highest scorer. According to UK gambling news, he really does have this one sewn up from the off. Although I will admit that price does not set the heart aflutter.

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