Check Apple Emoji Bans to Predict Future US Policies

Apple emoji bans happened before, is there a new one on the way? Which one could it be?

Apple Emoji Collection
Which ones would You ban?

Apple emoji ban might be coming soon, but which emoji will disappear next? Place your bets now!

The last time Apple has banned an emoji has been 2 years ago. However, online sportsbook news sites in the USA are talking about a possible Apple emoji ban once again. You can’t find a rifle now among Apple’s emojis. What’s next? Check out our tips and bet on the next Apple emoji ban!

Domestic violence is bad…

As Google tells me, beating your wife has been illegal since 1920 in the United States of America. Let’s face it, making something illegal won’t just make the problem go away that easily, but at least it’s a step. Another step could be if Apple stopped promoting domestic violence.

Currently you can find a kitchen knife among Apple’s emojis. And it’s not too hard to imagine why that could be related to domestic violence. If you think Apple will take a stand on the matter and raise awareness to this social problem, you can bet on the next Apple emoji ban to be the kitchen knife. The odds are 17.00.

Actually, all kinds of violence are bad…

Unfortunately, the kitchen knife is not the only weapon on stock at Apple, even though they banned the rifle. They have pistols and hammers as well. And if you think that the next Apple emoji ban will continue on the already started path and will go against violent emojis, you can bet on these to be banned.

The odds for Apple to ban the pistol emoji are 2.62, while the odds for the hammer emoji to disappear for good are 5.00.

Smoking kills!

Another important social issue nowadays is smoking cigarettes. Several US activists have been fighting smoking for years, and even EU stood up against this case. For example, it’s illegal to smoke inside bars and pubs in all European Union countries. That’s a beginning, but it’s just not enough.

Cigarette Close Up Photo
Don’t do it, kids!

If smoking-fighters want to continue their glorious war against cigarettes, they must make a next step. And that step has to be an upcoming Apple emoji ban on the Cigarette symbol. Is this going to happen any time soon? The odds for Apple to ban cigarette emoji are 2.00. Online sportsbook sites in the USA think it’s the next emoji to disappear.

Don’t do drugs, drugs are not okay

If there is something even worse than cigarettes, it’s obviously drugs. Hard drugs only, because we are talking about the United States of America, the home of liberalism. Marijuana is already legal in most states, but they are still far away from Uruguayan standards, where you can buy cocaine in state-owned (literal) drug stores.

Will one of the biggest companies in the world start a fight against drug consumption? Will the next Apple emoji ban make the Pills or the Syringe emojis disappear? The odds suggest they might: 17.00 for the Syringe, and 51.00 for the Pill emoji. But there are more interesting issues too…

Apple to support the USA’s imperialism?

The United States of America is the most important economic power in the world as of today. However, they must do everything in their power to keep that position. And that won’t be an easy task, especially because the European Union has high ambitions. Ambitions to match the USA’s power.

The USA obviously doesn’t like such initiatives. And they can easily call Apple to fight the government’s battle asap: you can bet on the next Apple emoji ban to be the EU flag. The odds are 67.00. Will Apple actually enter this IT cold war that might happen between the EU and the USA?

Side-note: sites in the online sportsbook directory also rated the chances of the American enterprise declaring war on Brexit. Will they make the Union Jack flag go away for good? 1xBET Sportsbook’s odds for that are 67.00. However, it would be interesting to see Apple fight populism in Europe during the Trump administration…

Protect the environment, please!

Speaking of the Trump administration: remember one of his very first moves upon being names as the President of the United States? He was to cancel the Paris Agreement. Of course, Trump owns dozens of industrial parks, he and his business needs no such thing as environment protection. Keep that to the hippies.

Today’s big issues when it comes to protecting the environment is usually the plastic garbage cases. So many plastic garbage to be found in the sea and everywhere. Now if Apple wants to fight that, they might victimize the Plastic cup and straw emoji. 1xBET Sportsbook thinks they do that. The odds are 5.00.

Which emoji do you think Apple will ban next? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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