Check Out the Best World Cup 2018 Top Scorer Odds

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Bet-at-home Sportsbook offers the best betting markets for the upcoming event, you should check them out…

Online sportsbook news sites in Russia are getting more and more excited as the event is approaching. Not only the winning nation gives source to tons of questions among sports fans, but people also want to predict the best players as well. And that’s why Bet-at-home Sportsbook came up with the idea to present World Cup 2018 top scorer odds!

But who do you think is the best striker at FIFA World Cup 2018? Who will score the most goals at the most prestigious football event of the year? Who would you pick out of the so many great football stars? Check out the World Cup 2018 top scorer odds at Bet-at-home Sportsbook and make your predictions!

Will Messi be World Cup 2018 top scorer?

According to the World Cup 2018 top scorer odds at online sportsbook sites in Russia, Lionel Messi is the biggest favourite to win the award. The odds for Messi to win are 9.25. However the Argentine striker seems to be out of luck by now: his team was knocked out of the Champions League by AS Roma and Messi couldn’t do anything. Will he be better at the World Cup than he was in the UCL?

Bet on Neymar to win World Cup 2018 Top Scorer Award!

Neymar Jr signed for PSG to prove he was the best footballer alive. However, that’s not gonna happen as long as Messi and Ronaldo project their shadows on the Brazilian. The World Cup, howeve,r could be the turning point in Neymar’s life. He was good enough in 2014 and he will want to be even better this year. Can Neymar be the best? He can, according to the World Cup 2018 top scorer odds: Neymar to win goes at 10.00…

Bet on Ronaldo to score the most goals…

Cristiano Ronaldo is always the best choice when it comes to scoring goals. The Portuguese beast has scored in every single one of his Champions League matches so far this season, and seemingly he doesn’t want to stop scoring until the end of World Cup. This is probably his last chance to win the Wworld Cup, so he will do everything to win it. The odds for Ronaldo to be World Cup 2018 top scorer are 13.00. It might worth a few Euros…

Pick Kane to be World Cup 2018 top scorer!

Harry Kane has been named the best #9 in the world in recent years. Bet-at-home Sportsbook rated his chances at 16.25, which puts them among the biggest favourites. The Spurs star hopes to finally bring glory to the England national team. Will Kane be capable of putting the same performances as he does for his club? We’ll see soon enough…

Should you bet on a German FWC top scorer?

You can be sure as hell that the German team will go far in the tournament. Which obviously means that they will score a few goals. Their best strikers are Thomas Müller and Timo Werner recently. Sites in the online sportsbook directory agree with that as well: the World Cup 2018 top scorer odds gave 14.00 chances for Werner and 24.00 for Müller. Can any of them actually win?

Can Salah be the World Cup 2018 top scorer?

When looking at World Cup 2018 outright winner odds, Egypt would be among the last teams to look at if you’re a sane bettor. However, their biggest star is in incredible form this season, so placing a bet on Salah to win world Cup 2018 top scorer might not be such a bad idea. Especially when you see it’s quite high: 48.00…

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