Chess And Gambling: Make Money Out Of Your Hobby

  • This year chess has become popular thanks to the Netflix series “The Queen's Gambit”.
  • Many chess enthusiasts know that there are plenty of opportunities to play their favorite game.
  • In the 21st century, you can combine chess and gambling to make the most of your hobby.
chess and gambling

This year chess has become popular thanks to the Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit”. Many chess enthusiasts know that there are plenty of opportunities to play their favorite game. Besides, in connection with the development of the Internet, there are now many sites that offer online courses to their visitors, as well as online tournaments. Often, participation in such tournaments is paid. Therefore, the winnings are expressed in monetary terms. Besides, in the 21st century, you can combine chess and gambling to make the most of your hobby. 

Chess is “new sexy” in 2020

Released on October 23, 2020, “The Queen’s Gambit” became the most-watched miniseries on Netflix, with 62 million people watching it worldwide in a month. All over the world, the series has spurred the demand for chess itself, chess education, and thematic literature. According to Google Trends statistics, the number of requests for teaching chess in the world has quadrupled since the beginning of the year and became a record in the last nine years just after the series was released. “The Queen’s Gambit” truly provoked a chess boom in the world. Indeed, stories about Women Winning Chess are becoming popular today.

The series follows the talented chess player Elizabeth Harmon, who is fighting for the title of world champion. She faces prejudice about women in chess and addiction to pills and alcohol. Moreover, Netflix named “The Queen’s Gambit” the most successful TV series in its history and summed up the results a month later:

  • The novel which formed the basis of the plot hit the New York Times bestseller list 37 years after publication;
  • Google searches for “chess” have doubled, with “how to play chess” peaking for the first time in nine years;
  • Searches for the “chess sets” category on eBay grew 250%, and for Goliath Games, more than 170%l
  • The number of new players on has quadrupled, with 100,000 registered users a day since the series appeared on the screen.
  • Finally, now you have more than ever opportunities for chess and gambling. Your hobby can bring you a good income. Find out more about it from our article before visiting online gambling sites in the USA. 

Chess and gambling: How to make money out of your hobby

The developers of online services set the task of creating a platform where any chess player can play his favorite game and get real cash. The rivals can be from a nearby entrance or be on the other side of the planet. Indeed, virtual chess is an honest activity, where capital investment pays off not by chance, but by your mind. However, before starting to earn money, a beginner should follow simple rules:

  • The opponent should be chosen according to one’s level.
  • Before a big game of chess for money, you should practice with a computer or for fun.
  • Ask experienced players questions on the site and watch other people play
  • High-quality platforms offer a variety of game options: classic chess, a game with a robot, against the clock.

The guest must weigh all pros and cons. Not everyone can make money on chess. Therefore, earnings must correspond to the real abilities of the player to be always in the black.

chess and gambling
Let’s play!

The best websites to play chess for real money

Real income from chess is possible if you choose the right resource. Platforms must meet certain standards for guests to feel comfortable. You can distinguish honest online gambling sites in the USA from fraudulent ones in the following ways:

  • Look at the interface: If the style looks very attractive, but half of the buttons do not work, you should not trust the resource. It is also worth paying attention to the excessively high payouts and domain life. If it is less than a year old, it is best to avoid such resources.
  • Security of money transfer while playing chess: The variety of payment systems is more credible. You should check the banks through which the money will pass, and the reliability of the encryption protocol.
  • Reviews: Read what other chess players are saying. Sometimes comments will say much more about a resource than official sources.
  • Online chess is different from regular board games. The graphics are bright, each move is accompanied by a sound signal, and an unlimited number of players can take part in tournaments. But you need to choose your content wisely so as not to fall into the trap of scammers.

Nowadays, it is not surprising that you can earn much more with alternative methods, up to millions of dollars a month. Thousands of people make money online in the gambling industry. And now you can earn while enjoying your favorite hobby. Chess and gambling – what can be better!

How to start the game

Each site has its own rules, but the process for creating an account is generally the same. Some portals provide an opportunity to play for fun without registration. Other online gambling sites in the USA require a mandatory procedure. It is impossible to make money and withdraw it to your wallet without creating a personal account. Registration procedure on such sites for chess and money fans is the following :

  • Specify your email;
  • Come up with a password;
  • Confirm your email;
  • A letter with a link will be sent to the mail. You need to follow it to enter your account.
  • For large bets, personal data verification may be required. The guest needs to send a scan of the passport and other documents to the security service.

Registering an account is a simple procedure that does not take much time. The guest will spend about 12 minutes of his time to receive valuable prizes and pleasure from chess and gambling later.

chess and gambling
Are you in?

Useful tips on how to combine chess and gambling

Chess is a game of intellectuals. There are many ways to outwit an opponent. But, if the administration finds out about this, the player will receive a ban. The best way to win chess for money is to use your mind and get trained by the pros. Unlike chess, playing in a casino does not require a lot of training, and even a beginner can hit the jackpot. A few tips from experienced craftsmen:

  • You shouldn’t play blitz less than 10+0;
  • Emphasis should be placed on the endspiels. This is the foundation of all chess;
  • You should attend chess clubs. Indeed, they are now in every city;
  • Better to start on sites with a robot, but eventually, move on to real players;
  • Read more chess literature;
  • You should study the tactics of real players;
  • Practice constantly;
  • Diversify your leisure time and do not focus only on chess. Always play to win, even with unequal forces.

The main principle of a chess player is not to give up positions even if an important piece is lost. The main thing in the game is check and checkmate. If you give up, you won’t be able to make money from chess. Playing chess online for money is a good way to make money and hone your mental skills. You can also try Betting on Chess at Bet Online. The only problem for users is finding reliable portals and working on themselves. Therefore, players should use the ratings and learn from professionals. Master your luck and make real money!

You can discover more about Bet Online here.

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